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A Passionate Christmas Tour Guest Post with Clarissa Yip

Procrastinating in Five Oaks!

’Tis the season! It’s amazing how fast the months have flown by. Halloween came and trick-or-treaters took all your candy. Thanksgiving flew in with colors and feathers, and through your food coma, it’s become a haze to you. Then December starts and you’re wondering how many days till Christmas and then—

Wait…we’re in December now?
I’m not ready for the holidays!

Well…I’ve been hanging out in Five Oaks lately, just doing a little procrastination. If you’ve met Maddy and Cole, then you’ve visited this quaint town. Magic happens here! No, I’m serious. Cole owns a lodge and offers tourists the chance to escape into another world. If you like skiing then this is definitely the place you want to be. Great food, friendly people, beautiful scenery, life-threatening cliffs…

I’ll tell you about my typical day in town…

First, I’d have breakfast at Stumps Diner (They have the best grilled cheese sandwiches there! I could eat it 3 times a day!) Then I would go back to Tall Oaks, hang out around the lodge, hit the slopes, grab some hot chocolate, and then maybe see what other mischief I could get into. Cole has a new lodge that had opened and it’s grand! Beautiful lights, awesome views, and a huge Christmas tree sits in the center of the courtyard.

There’re angels (Smitten) and assassin witches (Mid-Winter Magic) that hang around also! You’d be surprise at who you would meet. I would be very very careful of where you go. But Five Oaks is amazing! You really have to see for yourself. Maddy does all the event planning, throws some fabulous parties, and Cole is just a hunk you have to check out…lol.

If you’re like me, you’re probably looking to run away and find a world to hide. Where do you usually go to procrastinate?

Join me at to check out the Last Snowy Encounter—a short sequel to Cole and Maddy’s story in Snowy Encounters on December 18th!

And I’m over at Books Read and Makeup Done chatting about Hunky Heroes, Spunky Heroines, and Makeup Obsessed…in Alaska!


Ever since her divorce, successful Event Planner Maddy Glover dreads visiting her hometown. For the first time in three years, she returns home for the holidays and finds herself caught at the end of an avalanche. Only to be rescued by the one man she’s determined to avoid: her ex-husband.

Ambitious and desirable Cole Harmon lives to rebuild the town and to forget the woman who hadn’t believed he had enough to offer her—until Maddy shows up in her cute city-slicker attire and sexy black boots. In need of a decorator for the holidays, he hires his ex-wife to help, only to be thrown into dark buried memories and snowy encounters that may thaw the ice between them. Will their love rekindle or will Maddy walk away once again?


“Let me go.”

He paused. Latching onto control and restraint, he dropped his hands with reluctance.

Maddy’s boot pivoted and she fell, landing in the snow. She glared up at him. He blinked then mirth struck him full force. She looked too adorable sitting on the ice, eyes darting fire. He almost doubled over when she cursed out loud.

“It’s not funny.” She huffed as she tried to stand.

Taking pity on her, Cole stifled his laughter and helped her up. Then, turning her around, brushed the snow off her ass. He tugged her skirt back into place, but couldn’t help lingering over the bottom curve of her butt and gave her a light pat.

“Stop that.” She moved away and frowned.

Cole grinned. He knew that look. She had it every time she was irritated over some thing, but couldn’t decide. “Stop what?” he asked, innocently.

Her eyes narrowed. “You know what I’m talking about. Every time you touch me, something happens.”

He crossed his arms and leaned against the door. “Like what?”

Her fingers balled into fists at her sides. “Cole Harmon, don’t you dare mess with me. You know what I’m talking about.”

Cole chuckled and reached into the back seat for the suitcase. “We better get you inside and dry that cute butt of yours before it freezes in the cold. Wouldn’t want you to get frostbite before you go back to the city.”

Maddy growled. She rushed past him to the driveway. He watched as she slowed her steps and carefully trudged to the door in her dangerous heels.

He grinned.

She hasn’t changed all that much.

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