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Guest Post with Diane Thorne, Author of Destined for Love

 Please give a warm welcome to Diane Thorne who is guest posting on BLH today. Thank you Diane for stopping by again.

Not your ordinary genies

Destined for Love involves a cast of two sexy genies and one woman. They are not your ordinary genies at all. They are centuries old and cursed to the bottle until someone who needs their help finds them and sets them free.

But how did they get in a bottle?

Mark and James grew up together. They were playful like many teens and twenty-year-old young men. But times were much different in their day. Stricter. The community wanted them to become men early in life, take care of family, tend to farms, etc. You get the idea. The town elders grew tired of Mark and James mischievousness and wanted the two men help others instead of causing trouble. The elders put a curse on Mark and James, then sent them into the nearest bottle. Only someone who needs help can set them free. Upon freedom, they offer three wishes. But be warned, wishes come with responsibility. Every choice and action has a consequence. (A lesson the two men had to learn too.)

They hadn't committed any major crime, yet their society deemed them unfit and punished them. It was a harsh judgment, but they had to learn a lesson. Spending centuries cooped in a bottle is lonely and boring. I can't imagine J

 At some point, wouldn't someone wish for freedom for Mark and James? One would think so, but the people they helped were greedy. Three wishes isn’t much, so freeing the genies wasn't in their plans.

My poor genies. Will someone set them free? Keep in mind, they've been in a bottle a long time. They're going to want to explore. But, they're very nice guys, and quite sexy. Great lovers too. Trust me.

Would you use a wish to free them if you only had 3 wishes?

Publisher: Total E-Bound 


Three wishes. Two men. One woman and a very happy ending.

Valerie is a confident, independent, and cheerful woman with a boyfriend, a great job, and a cozy home. In one day, her life falls into the dumpster. To unwind, she takes a stroll on the beach. She locates a strange looking bottle and removes the cork. When two gorgeous men appear, she thinks she’s died and gone to Heaven.

Cursed to a bottle, Mark and James roam the earth until someone in desperate need of their help releases them. The handsome duo offer Valerie three wishes, but warn her they come with great responsibility. While she ponders over her choices the two hot genies show her love and passion beyond her wildest dreams. She falls in love with them. But do they share the same feelings for her?

Confused, in love, and still needing to put her life back on track, Valerie must decide how to use her remaining wish after she mistakenly uses two. Should she spend the last wish to help herself, or free her two insatiable lovers?

ISBN: 9781781841815 
Length: 34,000 words 
ePub pages: 95 
Formats: pdf, epub, mobi, html 
Price: $5.76 
Heat Level: 2 
Erotic rating: Total-e-sizzling, 
Sexometer 2 
Genres: Contemporary, Menage a Trois/MFM, Fantasy 

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Mark picked up his cup of coffee. “Have you thought about the two wishes you have remaining?”

“Not really. I’ve been a bit preoccupied.” She tossed a piece of melon into her mouth.

James carved a portion from his pancakes. “Do you have any idea at all what you want?”

She shook her head while she chewed. After she’d swallowed, she wiped her mouth with a napkin. “No. I mean, I have some ideas but I don’t think they will work out. I need to take care of some things first before considering what to wish for.”

“What kind of ideas do you have?” Mark set his coffee on the table.

“Mark, let her be.”

“I was trying to help.” He piled pancakes on her plate, then on his.

She grabbed the syrup. “Are you in a hurry or under any kind of deadline—?”

“No,” they both blurted out at the same time, making her chuckle.

“Take as much time as you need,” James said.

“We spend most of our time in a bottle. Even in spirit form, it’s snug. We highly value freedom, so please, take all the time you need. We’re not going anywhere.”

“Unless you want us to,” James said. “If you need privacy, just tell us to go home and we will. When you need us back, just call our names.”

Val inhaled a deep breath while she poured the syrup onto Mark’s plate. “I appreciate the information and everything you’ve done so far. The cooking, cleaning, and…” She paused and moved the bottle above her stack of pancakes. “Okay, the wonderful sex, too, has been beyond satisfying. You’re welcome to stay in my home, as long as I have one.”

Both men stared at her as they held their forks. “Just wonderful?” Mark asked.

She chuckled as she set the bottle on the table. “Amazing. Spectacular.”

“Earth shattering?” Mark grinned. “You wish you could feel such pleasure every night?”

“Mark!” James snapped.


James met her gaze. “Don’t answer that. He’s leading you.”

Val sat quietly. While the idea of having sex with both of them every night sure seemed like a damn good idea, she considered the consequences. A sore body would not help her get up and go to work. Achy legs might cause her to fall, or, at the very least, encourage her not want to move from the bed or sofa. Lastly, she didn’t want to force them to do anything against their will. Maybe they’d enjoyed the night as much as she had, but requiring them to repeat their actions nightly seemed a little like slavery. The power to live and think freely was a blessing.

Mark turned to her. “I meant no harm.”

“It’s a nice thought, but not one I’d wish for. Sorry. I hope that doesn’t disappoint you.”

“Not at all. Right, Mark?”

She shifted her attention from James to the dark-haired genie.

He reached over, placed his hand over hers and gently squeezed it. “If you change your mind, I assure you we are up to the task.”

Author Biography: 

Diane is an erotic romance author living in Indiana. She is a lifetime lover of the paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy. Her mind constantly wanders into other worlds full of dark and mysterious creatures. Vampires, werewolves, demons, and other supernatural creatures are her friends. A few bite, others tempt, and some are hot as hell. Reader beware: She is not responsible for any titillation, increased temperatures, hormonal stirrings, or unusual bite marks. Besides writing, Diane enjoys sunny days, strong coffee, traveling, shopping with her daughter, laughter, and red wine. She dislikes taxes, slow drivers, cold weather, and cranky people.

Where to find Diane Thorne: 

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