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Beyond The Edge: Character Interview and Giveaway

 Please give a warm welcome to Kallysten, who is stopping by today here at BLH. 

Kallysten: First, let me thank BLH for having us here today as part of the Beyond The Edge Book Tour! A few days ago I had the chance to interview all five of the characters from Beyond TheEdge. Today I’d like to focus on just one of them, Lisa. To start, I’d like you to tell us a little about you. Who is Lisa Shetfield?

Lisa: Who and what I am is a vampire. I was turned… well, let’s just say a few decades ago. A lady grows discreet about her age when she reaches a certain point.

Kallysten: Fair enough. Did you choose to become a vampire? How did you end up with fangs?

Lisa: No, it wasn’t my choice at all. I was months away from getting married when it happened, and all I dreamed of was a life with a man I loved, children, a nice home, big family gatherings for the holidays… As normal a life as you can imagine. A vampire snatched me right off the street when I was coming home from dinner at a friend’s house. Her father had offered to walk me home and I said I’d be fine since it was just down the street. I’ve often wondered what would have happened if he’d been with me. I suppose Nikolas, my Sire, would have killed him and still taken me. Waking up as a vampire was frightening. At the time, I didn’t know much about vampires other than they existed. Becoming one… well, like I said, it wasn’t my choice.

Kallysten: Would you go back and change the past if you could?

Lisa: I don’t think about it that way. My mother taught me not to cry over what I can’t change and to make the best of what I am given. That’s what I tried to do across the years, although at times it wasn’t easy. As soon as I was strong enough to resist my Sire, I left him, and made my own life, with my own rules.

Kallysten: And one of these rules was about love, wasn’t it?

Lisa: Yes. For a long time I refused to let myself love so I would be spared the pain of losing someone again, like I had lost my fiancé.

Kallysten: But there you are with Brett, Leo, and a ring on your finger. Can you explain how you went from ‘never love again’ to your present situation?

Lisa: I’d explain it if I understood it. (She laughs.) When Brett and I met, I made it clear to him that I don’t do monogamous, and he was okay with that. And I don’t mean he pretended to be okay with it to please me. I know it turned him on to watch me dance and flirt with other people. But things changed over the years, and… well, there was this. (She shows the band of platinum and diamonds on her ring finger.) He said it was only a sign of his love, nothing more, but it’s hard to take a ring from someone you’re that close to and not have it mean anything more. As for Leo… He and I were sired just days apart. We ‘grew up’ as vampires together, so to speak. We were close for years, and then we lost touch. When we reconnected again, I was with Brett and I knew the two of them would hit it off. And that they’d give each other things I couldn’t give either of them. Brett gave Leo a ring, too. And eventually Leo and I got one for Brett.

Kallysten: You say ‘eventually’ but it did take a while for you to give it to him. And then, there was that time when you took off your ring. Do you want to tell us about that?

Lisa: Do I want to? No. Not really.

Kallysten: Come on. I know that particular moment caused some readers to be angry with you. Here’s your chance to explain yourself. (And here, readers who haven’t read Beyond The Edge might want to skip to the next couple of questions to avoid spoilers…)

Lisa: (She sighs and pays with her ring, turning it on her finger.) It all goes back to that ‘normal life’ I once dreamed of having. Marriage and children… for me, they went together. When Brett told us Virginia was pregnant… I’m not proud of it, but all I could think of was the normal life I’ll never have, with a husband, a child, growing older with them, watching our baby grow up and become a young man or woman with their own family. I’d done my best not to think about it over the years because I knew it’d never happen, but in that moment that… void, that loss just came back to me. On one hand, I was angry and jealous that a woman Brett doesn’t even love could give him what I couldn’t. And at the same time I was wondering if that normal life was what he wanted, maybe without even admitting it to himself. When I took off the ring, it wasn’t so much to deny Brett’s love for me. It was me thinking for an insane instant that he might be better off without me in his life. With Virginia and the baby.

Kallysten: But you just said he doesn’t love her.

Lisa: (She shrugs.) I never pretended it was rational. Like I said, I was angry and jealous, and that doesn’t exactly help anyone think clearly. And I didn’t even realize that’s what was happening in my own head. It took some time before I could figure it out.

Kallysten: Thank you for revisiting this painful moment and casting some light on it. Let’s finish with a more lighthearted and less spoilerific topic. You have two men in your bed, and they both love you as much as they love each other, which is rather obvious every time the three of you get on with the naked, sexy kind of fun. Tell us… Do you have a favorite position or act?

Lisa: (She bursts out laughing.) Oh, gosh. A favorite position? I don’t know. That’s the thing about having two sexy, imaginative lovers: we’ve tried every position and combination possible, but it always feels new. I love having both of them inside me. I love when I’m just with one of them and the other watches, or when they’re together and I’m the one watching. I love when it starts with two and moves on to three. But like I said, every night with them is special. If I really have to pick one thing I like more than others, it’s when we go to the cliff. It’s our own, secret place, right over the ocean. Sometimes we make love there, and sometimes we just sit and watch the waves, share a bottle of wine and talk. As long as we’re together, that’s really all that matters.

Kallysten: I couldn’t think of a better way to end this interview. I’ll let you go back to your men, now. Thank you. And if our readers would like to know more about that cliff, they can see a scene set there on my website. It’s actually the first chapter of Beyond The Edge.

Beyond The Edge 


As Brett Andrews, owner of the famous club On The Edge, reaches the big ‘four-O,’ he has one request and one question for his two vampire lovers, Leo and Lisa: he doesn’t want them to organize any sort of celebration for him – but he does want to know why neither of them has ever mentioned the possibility of turning him into a vampire.

The question finds an answer, and the three of them share a promise for the year to come. His request, on the other hand, is doomed from the start as they already have plans for the big day: they have a gift for him to match presents he offered each of them, and the party they planned with help from a couple of friends promises to be something special.

Vampire Anando and his human lover Virginia met at On The Edge. They are friends and occasional lovers of Leo, Brett and Lisa. When asked, they gladly accept to host the big-bash birthday party – and the private after-party, too. A good time is had by all, but the last gift is only revealed a few weeks later, to be delivered after nine months.

With both humans in love with vampires, neither expected a child in their future. As for the vampires, they knew for a fact that they’d never become parents. For all five, once the first shock has passed, decisions have to be made. Will this new adventure strengthen bonds of love and friendship, or will it tear lives apart?

Kallysten’s most exciting accomplishment to date was to cross a few thousand miles and an ocean to pursue (and catch!) the love of her life. She has been writing for over fifteen years, and always enjoyed sharing her stories and listening to the readers' reactions. After playing with science fiction, short stories and poetry, she is now trying her hand, heart and words at paranormal romance novels.

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Terrific interview, I love the chance to get to know Lisa a little bit more :)

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