About Me

What can I say about myself ? I am an avid reader but you probably would have guessed that. I am forever a cover junkie, I see a gorgeous cover I am buying it, found some good books that way and bad ones as well. On the personal side I am a divorced mother of one teen boy who doesn't have my love for books, more like video games is his thing. My other love is music especially 80's metal Bon Jovi , Europe, Skid Row and the list goes on.

In my spare time when I am not reading I run a fansite for Bon Jovi. You probably wonder how do I do it all to be honest I am not sure but that is one reason I am a night owl. I really need more hours in a day.

What do I love to read? Well most of you know by now Paranormal Romance has been my addiction for awhile but I do love Historical, YA, Urban Fantasy. I will read as well Chick Lit, Mystery, History fiction and Horror. I will give any genre a chance.

Well that's it about me, hope I didn't bore you too much :).