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Review and Guest Post with Lisa Beth Darling, Author: OF War Series

I am so excited to have Lisa Beth Darling here today, Please give her a warm welcome. 


The OF WAR Movie Cast 
Not to brag or boast, but one thing I keep hearing over and over is that people can see the OF War Series as a movie. In fact, they *want* to see it on the silver screen. Me too. Maybe one, if the Gods are kind, we'll get our wish on that one. But until then, I get to be the casting director and not take orders from anyone. (That's nice, isn't it?) If I could have my way here's how I would cast this epic adult gritty saga. 

Ares God of War—our hero. I know, you didn't expect that, he's a very unlikely hero. On many levels, he is unlikeable, at least first. He's strong, powerful, brash, arrogant, moody, brooding, and sexy as hell. A tough bill to fill by anyone's definition. My first choice can never come to fruition and so casting this part is very difficult. If we were in a different world

Kevin Tod Smith

Since we can't have him, a few other names have been thrown about 
  That's a yummy line up for the Casting Couch! Gerard Butler, Jason Mamoa, Mickey Rourke, and Robert Downey, Jr. I like the last two options best. 

Magdalena MacLeod-our heroine. 
She's a half-Fey half-Human woman nearly 300 years old. She too is strong but tempered, she's wise, caring, loving, and bold. My choices for her would be;
Charlize Theron, Diane Lane, and Maria Bellow, I think any of these ladies would play Alena MacLeod, wife to the God of War very well. 

Cernunnos-one of the antagonists in the series, yes we have many 'bad guys' in our saga. 


Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes

Zeus-God of Gods. I think there's only one man capable of playing the part 
Sir Ian McKellen 

But I'm also willing to give this guy a shot  
Anthony Hopkins
Aphrodite-Goddess of Love and Desire. Also the bitter ex-Lover of Ares who causes a whole lot of trouble for our couple. 

Angelina Jolie

Hera-Queen of the Gods. 

Susan Sarandon 

Apollo-God of the Sun and Music. Another of our bad guys, I'm afraid. My perfect choice for him would be 
David Bowie 
But if that's not possible I suppose I could give these guys a shot 

 Brad Pitt and Chris Hemsworth—both yummy! 

Eros-Winged God of Love. One of the good guys.
Chris Pine 

Hades-God of the Underworld.

Karl Urban 

Raven-Son of Ares and Magdalena MacLeod. Sadly this part remains uncast. I can't seem to find anyone yummy enough to fill the role. This guy is the closest I've been able to come but I don't know who he is. If you do, please let me know. He already has the part, well, once he passes the Casting Couch, that is.  

 The OF WAR Series contains scenes of graphic sex and violence. As such, it is intended for a MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY. It is not recommended for the faint of heart.  

Links to buy: 

Author Links: 
Twitter: @lb_darling 


 File Size: 947 KB 
Print Length: 598 pages 
Publisher: Moon Mistress Publishing; 2 edition (November 21, 2010) 
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. 
Language: English 
Text-to-Speech: Enabled 
X-Ray: Not Enabled 
Lending: Enabled 

Book Description

Sink more than just your teeth into a real paranormal sizzler. 
Inside the Heart of every Warrior breathes the Soul of a Hero--even within The Heart of War. Meet Ares God of War, the greatest Warrior the world has ever known. He's moody, grumpy, dominant, ravenously sexual, and above all, built like a Greek God. 

Get lost in this sweeping dark saga of lust, rage, revenge, and redemption. Battle Ancient Gods while falling in love with Ares God of War and Alena MacLeod. They share a love that will rock the world from the heights of Olympus to the Celtic moors. 


Ares was in a foul mood and suffering from a splitting headache when he arrived back on the island with Alena. "Go inside." He said gruffly and pointed toward the cliffs and the cave above.


"Please, Alena, just do as I ask. Go." 

She didn't want to leave him here, alone, on the beach but it didn't appear Ares was wanted company, not hers anyway. In the face of his Father and the other Olympians, Ares stood tall and strong. He'd come to her aid just as he said he would and kept his promise. Alena was stunned. When Zeus said he would return Ares' property and his station to him, she felt sure the God of War would sell her down the river. She wanted to thank him, wanted to ask why he had done it but she held her tongue. "Yes, my Lord." Hiking up the hem of the dress, she turned to make her way up the long strange stairs leading from the beach to the top of the cliff. With a heavy heart, she walked a few steps until she got to the base of the stairs and there she turned around. Ares was sitting on the sand facing the water and the setting sun. He had thrown off the belt with the heavy sword and his thick leather vest; they were in the sand next to him as he sat there with his head down in his hands. She could not leave him there. Quietly coming up behind him, Alena sat down, wrapped one arm over his left shoulder and the other under his right lacing her fingers together and pulling him backward. Alena expected him to balk or to fight but, instead, Ares settled backward into her arms, rested his head in the crook between her neck and shoulder as he let out an exhausted sigh. "I'm sorry I'm so much trouble, my Lord." She whispered as she nestled her face into his hair. 

Letting the softness of her touch and the warmth of her body comfort him, Ares closed his eyes and drew in the peaceful shelter she offered. "It's not you. It's Them." 

The Olympians were quite the Divinely Dysfunctional Family. Alena had never seen or heard so much bitter bickering from one clan. If that was her Family, she might be damn happy that she lived in Exile on a beautiful island such as this. "They're awful." She whispered in his ear careful not to let any prying ears overhear. Ares gave out a deep chuckle and then another sigh as his hand rose up to caress her arm. She thought of how brave, how daring, and even dashing, Ares had been as he stood there telling all of them they could not have her. When she listened to him speak of Artemis, Alena nearly cried. Then she had been stunned into silence having expected the God of War to hand her over, maybe not with ease but readily enough, in return for his crown and scepter. "Thank you for keeping your promise." 

"You expected this chauvinistic pig to do less." Ares mused still with his eyes closed. "Everyone does." 

Under her hands, beneath the thick pad of fur her fingers were twirling, Alena felt the steady beat of his heart. It too was brave and strong. "Why did you do it?" 

Last night, Ares indulged himself in the pleasures Alena had to offer not in the name of any barter. Not for any affection. Just, simply, because the opportunity arose and he took it as he always did. Come morning, Ares expected that he would turn her over to the Olympians in exchange for those things so wrongfully taken from him. For all her intrigue and mystery, she was still, disposable. Unimportant. Superfluous. For centuries, all he thought about was going home and the chance finally fell into his lap, Ares thought it was a Gift from the Gods. 

Yet when Zeus unknowingly presented all of them with irrefutable proof of Ares' innocence, he had the gall to make more demands upon him instead of lifting Ares' exile. It wasn't that Ares minded going to War, it was after all, his Thing. He wanted revenge for Artemis as much as much as any of them. Couldn't Zeus see that? Surely, he did, he must know this much about his Son. It was then that Ares realized none of it was about Justice, just Power. Nothing ever changed on Olympus. Standing there in the Great Chamber, Ares started wondering why he ever wanted to go back to Olympus. Why return to all of that bickering and backstabbing when he could stay on his island with her? 

Last night she was expendable. Tonight that was no longer the case and he wasn't sure where the tide turned or even how it had done so. Ares understood that Vindication wasn't the Gift the Gods sent him; Alena was. With five thousand years behind him and, if all went all, another four or five thousand ahead of him, Ares was too old to mince words, too old to play stupid or coy. He wondered how much time his pretty little Fey had ahead of her. "I'd rather have one night with you here on my island than ten thousand more nights with them on Olympus." 


"I'm tired of being alone." Ares confessed. 

"You're not alone. You have all of your guards and your women." 

"And still I am alone except when I'm with you. Then I am whole, no longer restless, and no longer weary." In her arms, Ares turned around quickly, put his arms around her, and brought her down to the warm sand. Staring into those stormy eyes Ares couldn't hold the words back any longer. "I love you, Alena." 

Where to begin with this review, let me just say first of all. If I could have rated this book higher I would have, it was that damned good.  As many of you know I am mythology junkie. If it has any type of mythology you better believe I am going to read it, especially Greek.  I have been wanting to read this book for so long and I am so glad I have. It truly rocked my world that is how much I loved this book.

Now I was warned of certain situations in this book and while it didn't bother me, because frankly I hate to say it, but it had to happen. So if you are like the author said , it is not for the faint at heart. This book might not be for you.  I won't lie and say I didn't wince a few times but that certainly didn't deter me from enjoying this book.

I want to say I love love love Ares. I can't say that too often, because most of the time when I have read about him, I hated him with a passion.  And with this one at first I wasn't sure but I kept an open mind and read on and fell deeply for this god.  I can't say that for some of the other gods featured in this book.

But that is what makes me love this book so much, is that I felt for these characters, whether it was love or hate I felt!!  The story as well grabbed me and wouldn't let go until I finished (and let me say I had many of sleepless nights because I couldn't stop thinking about this book).

I can't forget the hot smexy action, phew I was sweating a few times that's how steamy it is. But like I said above there are situations that might make some of you uncomfortable so forewarn. Those gods weren't always pleasant and sweet. But they are God's after all.

I could honestly go on and on with this review. I just can't get enough of Ares and Alena(Maggie) they have to be listed as one of my favorite couples of all time.  I want to say thank you to the author for giving me another series to obsess over.

So if you love Greek Mythology, Strong Adult Themes(Dark in some cases), Hot and I mean Fiery Hot Smexy Action, this book is for you. It's long so be prepared to lose some sleep over this one. I surely did.

Rating: (5 plus plus plus)
 photo 51.png
Heat Factor:
 photo 5.png


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For The Love of Mythology Giveaway Hop- Sign ups

This is my very first event I am hosting and will be cohosting with Buffy's Ramblings, Close Encounters with The Night Kind,
This hop is centered around all types of Mythology(Greek, Roman, Egyptian and so on), YA, Fiction, Nonfiction, Adult, Romance and Erotic is welcome as well. 

This giveaway hop is running from June 1st to 8th . You must have your post up no later than 8am on June 1st. 

We will be having a grand prize so far consisting of...
 $50 Amazon GC or $50 worth of books at TBD.
ebooks from Patricia Bates
a prize from Lisa Beth Darling 
Rosanna Leo wants to donate Sunburn
Danica Avet :  Ain't No Bull
Sheri Fredricks:  Remedy Maker!!
An ecopy of Mything You by Greta Buckle
an ebook by Tmonique Stephens
An ecopy of Death Blow by Jianne Carlo

As for your post, your giveaways has to be Mythological Related, (Swag, books, GC's , movies if you shall choose).  Write up a quick post is to why Mythology intrigues you? What is your favorite and who is your favorite god or goddess or even legend(myth). 

Also make sure you link back to the main post either this one or the one  I will be setting up on June 1st.

I will be sending out emails a week to two weeks prior to start date. When you link up below make sure you list, your blog name, and whether US, INT or both regarding the giveaway.


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Attention Authors and Bloggers: Coming Soon: Mythology Giveaway Blog Hop

Attention Authors and Bloggers: June 1st - 8th, I would like to host a Mythology Giveaway hop. I am still working out the details but I would like to run a week long giveaway hop featuring Mythology( this can be any type), YA, Adult and Erotic is welcome. I was wanting to have a Grand Prize and was wondering if any Author would care to donate it. Please contact me at vampiremistress2010(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Guest Post with Diane Thorne, Author of Destined for Love

 Please give a warm welcome to Diane Thorne who is guest posting on BLH today. Thank you Diane for stopping by again.

Not your ordinary genies

Destined for Love involves a cast of two sexy genies and one woman. They are not your ordinary genies at all. They are centuries old and cursed to the bottle until someone who needs their help finds them and sets them free.

But how did they get in a bottle?

Mark and James grew up together. They were playful like many teens and twenty-year-old young men. But times were much different in their day. Stricter. The community wanted them to become men early in life, take care of family, tend to farms, etc. You get the idea. The town elders grew tired of Mark and James mischievousness and wanted the two men help others instead of causing trouble. The elders put a curse on Mark and James, then sent them into the nearest bottle. Only someone who needs help can set them free. Upon freedom, they offer three wishes. But be warned, wishes come with responsibility. Every choice and action has a consequence. (A lesson the two men had to learn too.)

They hadn't committed any major crime, yet their society deemed them unfit and punished them. It was a harsh judgment, but they had to learn a lesson. Spending centuries cooped in a bottle is lonely and boring. I can't imagine J

 At some point, wouldn't someone wish for freedom for Mark and James? One would think so, but the people they helped were greedy. Three wishes isn’t much, so freeing the genies wasn't in their plans.

My poor genies. Will someone set them free? Keep in mind, they've been in a bottle a long time. They're going to want to explore. But, they're very nice guys, and quite sexy. Great lovers too. Trust me.

Would you use a wish to free them if you only had 3 wishes?

Publisher: Total E-Bound 


Three wishes. Two men. One woman and a very happy ending.

Valerie is a confident, independent, and cheerful woman with a boyfriend, a great job, and a cozy home. In one day, her life falls into the dumpster. To unwind, she takes a stroll on the beach. She locates a strange looking bottle and removes the cork. When two gorgeous men appear, she thinks she’s died and gone to Heaven.

Cursed to a bottle, Mark and James roam the earth until someone in desperate need of their help releases them. The handsome duo offer Valerie three wishes, but warn her they come with great responsibility. While she ponders over her choices the two hot genies show her love and passion beyond her wildest dreams. She falls in love with them. But do they share the same feelings for her?

Confused, in love, and still needing to put her life back on track, Valerie must decide how to use her remaining wish after she mistakenly uses two. Should she spend the last wish to help herself, or free her two insatiable lovers?

ISBN: 9781781841815 
Length: 34,000 words 
ePub pages: 95 
Formats: pdf, epub, mobi, html 
Price: $5.76 
Heat Level: 2 
Erotic rating: Total-e-sizzling, 
Sexometer 2 
Genres: Contemporary, Menage a Trois/MFM, Fantasy 

 Buy Links


Mark picked up his cup of coffee. “Have you thought about the two wishes you have remaining?”

“Not really. I’ve been a bit preoccupied.” She tossed a piece of melon into her mouth.

James carved a portion from his pancakes. “Do you have any idea at all what you want?”

She shook her head while she chewed. After she’d swallowed, she wiped her mouth with a napkin. “No. I mean, I have some ideas but I don’t think they will work out. I need to take care of some things first before considering what to wish for.”

“What kind of ideas do you have?” Mark set his coffee on the table.

“Mark, let her be.”

“I was trying to help.” He piled pancakes on her plate, then on his.

She grabbed the syrup. “Are you in a hurry or under any kind of deadline—?”

“No,” they both blurted out at the same time, making her chuckle.

“Take as much time as you need,” James said.

“We spend most of our time in a bottle. Even in spirit form, it’s snug. We highly value freedom, so please, take all the time you need. We’re not going anywhere.”

“Unless you want us to,” James said. “If you need privacy, just tell us to go home and we will. When you need us back, just call our names.”

Val inhaled a deep breath while she poured the syrup onto Mark’s plate. “I appreciate the information and everything you’ve done so far. The cooking, cleaning, and…” She paused and moved the bottle above her stack of pancakes. “Okay, the wonderful sex, too, has been beyond satisfying. You’re welcome to stay in my home, as long as I have one.”

Both men stared at her as they held their forks. “Just wonderful?” Mark asked.

She chuckled as she set the bottle on the table. “Amazing. Spectacular.”

“Earth shattering?” Mark grinned. “You wish you could feel such pleasure every night?”

“Mark!” James snapped.


James met her gaze. “Don’t answer that. He’s leading you.”

Val sat quietly. While the idea of having sex with both of them every night sure seemed like a damn good idea, she considered the consequences. A sore body would not help her get up and go to work. Achy legs might cause her to fall, or, at the very least, encourage her not want to move from the bed or sofa. Lastly, she didn’t want to force them to do anything against their will. Maybe they’d enjoyed the night as much as she had, but requiring them to repeat their actions nightly seemed a little like slavery. The power to live and think freely was a blessing.

Mark turned to her. “I meant no harm.”

“It’s a nice thought, but not one I’d wish for. Sorry. I hope that doesn’t disappoint you.”

“Not at all. Right, Mark?”

She shifted her attention from James to the dark-haired genie.

He reached over, placed his hand over hers and gently squeezed it. “If you change your mind, I assure you we are up to the task.”

Author Biography: 

Diane is an erotic romance author living in Indiana. She is a lifetime lover of the paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy. Her mind constantly wanders into other worlds full of dark and mysterious creatures. Vampires, werewolves, demons, and other supernatural creatures are her friends. A few bite, others tempt, and some are hot as hell. Reader beware: She is not responsible for any titillation, increased temperatures, hormonal stirrings, or unusual bite marks. Besides writing, Diane enjoys sunny days, strong coffee, traveling, shopping with her daughter, laughter, and red wine. She dislikes taxes, slow drivers, cold weather, and cranky people.

Where to find Diane Thorne: 

Other books by Diane: 

Demon in Disguise (Playful Demons 1) 
Demons in Disguise (Playful Demons 2) 
The Deadly Stripper (Sexy & Damned 1) 
The Complicated Stripper (Sexy & Damned 2) 
Nikki's Story (Sisters of Lonewood 1) 
Kate's Story (Sisters of Lonewood 2, 12/28/12) 
Heather's Story (Sisters of Lonewood 3, Feb. 2013) 
Penny's Story (Sisters of Lonewood 4, Feb. 2013)


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And The Winners are....

 photo Winner.png

Thank you for all that entered the two giveaway hops I was in this month, stay tuned for more in the upcoming months as well as Escape The Winter Giveaway is still going on. Click HERE to enter.

Now on to the winners
 First Vampires for Valentine's winner is.....


and Cupid's Playground winner is....


Congrats to the winners! You have 48 hours to respond or new winners will be chosen. Please check your spam folder for my emails.


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VBT tours: Guest Post and Giveaway with Victoria Danann, Author of The Summoner's Tale

 I am super excited to have Victoria Danann here at BLH today, Please give her a warm welcome.

Lists by tens of some of Victoria Danann's favorite things. Readers often ask about what kind of music I like and if I have actually traveled to the places I talk about in my books. Since I play Classic Rock music, those songs are going to feature prominently among favorites. And, yes, I have traveled to the places I talk about in my books. 

Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin 
Losing My Religion - Scary Kids 
Scaring Kids Shoot to Thrill - AC/DC 
You Get What You Give - New Radicals 
Still of the Night - Whitesnake 
Mystify - INXS 
Everlong - Foo Fighters 
Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 
Where to Now St. Peter? - Elton John 
Paper Sun - Def Leppard 

Six String Samurai 
Alien from L.A. Willow 
The Empire Strikes Back 
Field of Dreams 
A Walk in the Clouds 
The Fellowship of the Ring 
The Princess Bride 
The Company of Wolves 
Tristan and Isolde 

Good Omens (Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimon) 
Memnoch the Devil (Anne Rice) 
The Gate to Womens' Country (Sherry S. Tepper) 
Christine (Stephen King) 
A Hunger Like No Other (Kresley Cole) 
Demon from the Dark (Kresley Cole) 
One Foot in the Grave (Jeaniene Frost) 
My Familiar Stranger (Victoria Danann) 
The Witch's Dream (Victoria Danann) 
A Summoner's Tale (Victoria Danann) 

The Gore Hotel (London) 
Castle Kronberg (Frankfurt)
Las Brisas terrace (Acapulco) 
La Tour du Argent (Houston) 
Cafe de Artiste (New York) 
Piazza del Duomo (Siena) 
Le Comptoir Darna (Marrakech, Morocco) 
Joe T. Garcia's (Fort Worth) 
O'Donoghue's (Dublin) Roatan Ricks (Honduras) 


Phantom of the Opera 
Les Miserables 
Bye Bye Birdie 
Westside Story 

fish that tastes like fish 
shellfish that tastes like shellfish 

Carl Jung
Joseph Campbell 
Madame Blavatsky 
Austin Osman Spare 
Aethelflaed (Alfred's oldest daughter) 
Jane Austen 
Janis Joplin 
Florence Scovel Shinn 
Suzanne Summers (the psychologist, not the actress) 

Now, about A Summoner's Tale... If you haven't read Books One and Two, I hope you will do so before you read Book Three. Black Swan is a serial saga meaning that each book is actually a chapter installment in an ongoing story. This particular installment involved characters that were introduced in the first book.

If you read by Kindle, you will find A Summoner's Tale available at Amazon after release. If you another e-reader, you can still get the book in the form of an anthology that will be available in electronic format everywhere. The Order of the Black Swan Collected Tales, Books 1-3. $6.99 for all 330,000 words. This is a dream come true for me because readers will experience the first three books as conceived as one story.

The Summoner's Tale 
Victoria Danann 
The Order of the Black Swan 
Book Three 
ISBN: 978-1-933320-67-0 
ISBN: 978-1-933320-80-9 

Where to buy: Amazon

A secret society, a witch, a psychic, vampires, modern day knights, heroes, elves, fae, assassins from another dimension, and fairytales come together where emotions intersect. Two souls, joined by a mystical bond, separated by distance, must simultaneously struggle through pain and darkness in an ultimate confrontation with character and an ultimate struggle for life proving that true love waits patiently through lifetimes and finds courage to survive. Even in the strangest places. Even when you're least expecting it. Even when you're far, far from home. 

Erotic quotient: Some steamy scenes. No menage. No BDSM. READING 


The Witch’s Dream 
By Victoria Danann 
The Order of the Black Swan 
Book Two 
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Paranormal Adult Fantasy / Urban Fantasy 
Publisher: 7th House 
ISBN: 978-1-933320-56-4 
ISBN: 978-1-933320-63-2 
Pages: 300 -5×7 book 
Word Count: 100,000 

Where to buy: Amazon Smashwords 


Book Description: 

Amazon BEST SELLER Fantasy Romance.



From New York to Ireland to Edinburgh to Siena to the Texas Hill Country to Napa Valley, a secret society, a witch, a demon, a psychic, a berserker, an ex-vampire, modern day knights, heroes, werewolves, elves and fae come together where emotions intersect. The story maps a trail from rages to hunts to epiphanies, but, in the end, proves that true love can find you in the strangest places, when you're least expecting it, even when you're far, far from home.

He was left behind when Elora Laiken made her choice. Now he’s had it with love, but a transplanted witch who happens to be the world’s best tracker hopes she can change his mind. The Witch’s Dream begins with B Team on temporary assignment to Black Swan headquarters in Edinburgh where they are supposed to fill in for stretched-thin resources and assist with a werewolf issue. They’ve been given permission to stop in Ireland for a few days and help celebrate a handfasting at the palace in Derry.

When they reach Edinburgh, the afterglow of an elftale wedding quickly turns all business. A missing person report turns into a demon abduction. A simple werewolf sanction becomes a diplomatic issue requiring the one thing Elora is no longer willing to give - finesse.

Erotic quotient: A few steamy scenes. No menage. No BDSM.

The Order of the Black Swan 
Book One 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Publisher: 7th House 
ISBN: 978-1-933320-49-6 
ISBN: 978-1-933320-77-9 
Number of pages: 360 
Word Count: 111,268 

Book Description: 

Thirteen times on Amazon Best Seller List in Fantasy Romance.

A secret society, modern day knights, and vampires come together for a once in a lifetime adventure and a once in a lifetime opportunity proving that true love can find you in the strangest places, even far, far from home.

Minutes ahead of inevitable assassination, Elora Laiken is forcibly transported to an alternate dimension similar, but not identical, to her own.

Of course a girl could suffer worse problems than having gorgeous suitors. Perhaps more importantly, in the midst of an epidemic of vampire related abductions, can she stay alive long enough to choose between an honor debt, true love, or the breathlessness of single-minded passion?

My Familiar Stranger is a full length, stand alone, Paranormal Romance novel that also sets up the foundation for the Black Swan series. It is loved by fans of paranormal romance, fantasy romance, and urban fantasy.

Erotic quotient: A few steamy scenes. No menage. No BDSM.

 Purchase Links: 


About the Author : 
For the past fourteen years, Victoria has illustrated and authored Seasons of the Witch calendars and planners for 7th- House.com.

Though works of fiction are a departure for me, I have had this series simmering on the back burner of her mind for years. In addition to authoring and illustrating Seasons of the Witch, I play rock music and manage one of Houston's premier R&B/Variety/Pop bands.

This series will include some of my actual experience in the paranormal with fictionalized anecdotes from my journals during the years when I was a practicing "metaphysician", but most of the material is fantasy.

 photo Giveaway-1.png 

Leave a comment for a chance to win one e-copy of The Order of the Black Swan, Books 1-3 to be given away at each blog stop on the tour.


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And The Winner is....

 photo Winner.png

I apologize for being late in drawing a winner for this giveaway, so we will get right to it the winner of an ecopy of their choice of either The Deadly Stripper or The Complicated Stripper by Diane Thorne is...

Anne M.

an email has been sent with your info to the author, Congrats and Happy Reading!


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Cupid's Playground Giveaway Hop

vday hop"/>

Cupids Playground Giveaway Hop is where you declare your undying LOVE (or LUST) to all of those HUNKS and HEROES from our books! 

 Since we are making up all of our own playgrounds for Cupid...tell us who you would love to have Cupids arrow hit for you!!

If there is a list of them and you want a harem that's okay too. :-P Who would you pick and why? Do they have anything in common?

I think I might have to go with the harem, there are so many I would love Cupid's arrow to hit.  First on my list as many as you know I have a huge book crush on this one and please don't groan because I do mention this one a lot.

1. Acheron (Dark Hunters) by Sherrilyn Kenyon, why ? He is just everything I love in a character, sexy, sarcastic, caring, will fight to the death to protect those he loves. I seriously could go on and on with this one.

2. Eric (Sookie Stackhouse series) by Charlaine Harris, why well who doesn't love a bad boy with the hidden heart of gold (very hidden mind you but it's there, ask Sookie :) .

3. Wrath (Black Dagger Brotherhood) by J.R. Ward.   just look at him enough said.

4. Maddox (Lord's of the Underworld) by Gena Showalter,  his demon is violence and he is the first lord I fell in love with  and got me hopelessly addicted too.

5. Bowen (Immortals after Dark) by Kresley Cole,  who doesn't love  a sexy werewolf.

I better stop here or you will never know what the giveaway is... Bet you're wondering what it is aren't you? No It's not one of the guys above sorry to say... So how about a $10 Amazon GC or $10 worth of books from TBD... That way you can choose yourself who you would like Cupid's Arrow to hit.

a Rafflecopter giveaway