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Guest Post and Giveaway with Diane Thorne

What's in a name?

The cast: 
Celee: The Stripper Paran: A voodoo man whose soul can jump into other bodies 
Greger: The vampire warrior trying to save his soul 
Jay: A wannabe rock star who's a regular human 
Murdock: A demon who acquires souls 
Jon Hadley: A priest 
Sariel: An angel 

Most of the time, I get ideas for stories while I'm in the shower, driving, seeing a commercial, talking to a friend, or doing menial little things such as putting cream cheese on a bagel. Seriously, that last bit has happened and I'm working on the story.

Anyway, when I came up with my Sexy & Damned series I was about to doze off to sleep. It's strange for me to get ideas when I go to bed. I'm usually too tired for my brain to function. But it happened. I saw who my main characters were and I knew the name of one right away. Murdock.

Who is Murdock? He's a demon. He offered my protagonist a deal. He proposed a way for her to fight vampires, a chance to live forever and gain their abilities to beat them. The price? Her soul and she brings people to him when he asks. That's right, all she has to do is fetch people, deliver them to Murdock, then walk away. What happens between the person and Murdock is not her concern. She take's his deal and becomes sexy and damned.

Murdock's name was the only one I knew from the start. I had an idea of other names I wanted. Early on, I knew I wanted Greger for my vampire warrior. Why? Because the name sounded good to me. Seriously. That's my logic. The name just came to me and I thought it sounded good. So, Greger is a tough guy who seeks to build a case to save his soul. He needs help on a job and finds my protagonist, so he follows her. He proposes a deal with her, and she can hardly refuse. He has something important she needs to survive. (hint, hint)

Coming up with a name for my protagonist, the Stripper, took a little research. I wanted something different, something uncommon. I'm not sure how I came up with Celee, but I recall looking for Cajun names. She's originally from the South, and she's had an extremely difficult life. Her parents died during her teen years. The State forced her and her siblings into separate foster homes. She ran away and planned to work to get custody of her brother and sister. Well, she soon found the only way to survive was by stripping, and supernatural creatures paid better than humans did. Sadly, those high paying customers such as vampires used and abused her. She'd spent enough time in the hospital drained to the point of death that her heart turned cold. She wanted to fight back. That's when she met Murdock.

Moving on…

One of the easier names I chose was Paran. He's the Godfather of clubs in the Midwest, and he's her boss. He's a twisted character to watch out for. He's survived over the centuries by switching bodies and he has close connections with Murdock. Don't trust him. How did I come up with his name? Well, it's actually commonly used for Godfather in the South. Personal family history and brief research led me to use the name.

What about Jay? I have a human singer who longs for fame. Celee met him a few years back and had to deliver him to Murdock. The demon offered Jay what he wants, and the wannabe rock star accepted. Damn demon didn't say WHEN he would deliver to Jay, so the wannabe rock star works and works, trying to achieve his goal. How did I come up with his name? Well, there is a band I liked in the 1980's and saw on tour when I was sixteen. They were called Gene Loves Jezebel and the twin brothers were Michael and Jay. I chose Jay for my character's name.

As I was writing, I developed other characters. Sariel is a handsome angel who is like a lawyer. I researched on the internet to find a good angel name. Came up with Sariel.

For my priest, I threw his name together. I needed something simple. John is as simple as they come.

My technique for coming up with names isn't the same with every story. Sometimes I just know what the name should be for a character. Other times, I research on the Internet. On occasion, I look at a list of names I have saved and just select one. Rarely do I just say x and x is going to be the name, but it can happen as it did for the priest. For the most part, finding a name is fun. And that's how I do it.

Thank you for reading my post. (A special thank you for having me as a guest.)


Celee Spence is a stripper trying to survive in a world full of supernatural creatures. She also works for a demon whom she sold her soul to and got a raw deal. Her life is full of sex and violence with no end in sight. Then, a hot vampire finds her and presents a deal. In exchange for help in locating a young woman mingling in Celee’s industry, he offers the powerful elixir she needs to stay alive. Although Celee lacks understanding the vampire’s motivation for wanting to save the girl, she accepts his proposal.

Sexy, armed, and dangerous, Celee places her life in jeopardy to save the human. What she discovers in the end not only shocks her, it gives her a new job to add to her resume.

ISBN: 9781476152509 
Released: August 2012 
Pages: 118 
Formats: pdf, epub, mobi, html 
Price: $0.99 
Genres: Erotica, Erotic Romance, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal 


 He pushed open the door to the women's facilities and pulled her inside.

"Jay, we need to talk."

He opened the door to the handicap stall and jerked Celee into it.

"We will…later."

She stood next to the wall, bewildered, while he turned the lock. "Please tell me you didn't drag me here to fuck me. What am I now, your bathroom call girl?"

He met her gaze and took hold of her wrists. "You're not my call girl. I never thought you were. But I am going to fuck you because you’re the one I want."

He raised her wrists and backed her against the wall. Her ass bumped a railing while the front of their bodies collided. Pinning her arms above her, he covered her mouth with his and thrust his tongue deep inside.

Her body lit up like a flame as their tongues mingled in a feverish kiss. She could've resisted, could've used her vampire strength to move her arms and push him back, but she enjoyed his fiery passion and how he strived to please her. He wedged between her legs and rubbed his groin against her. From the hardness of his cock to the greedy kiss, she gave up her goal. Talking could wait. Feeling him deep inside her couldn't.

He raised her arms higher above her head, then held one over the other. Clearly, he wanted to control her, hold her in place while he had his way. She'd let him because she knew it excited him, made him want to touch, nip, and lick every bit of her. He placed his free hand on the side of her face, his thumb close to her lips.

"I want you, Celee. I'm so fucking hard right now." He kept his mouth so close she could feel his breath.

"Show me, Jay." She kissed him. "Show me you want me."


Life is beyond complicated for Celee Spence. Tasked by both a demon and an angel, she must capture two teenagers without sending anyone who interferes to their grave. Werewolves and gun-toting gang members impede her job. Adding to her challenges, she must learn to control her raging hormones after she feeds, and her vampire donor seems unwilling to help. He suggests she seek out her friend, Jay, a singer who is pursuing his dream of fame. Can a human lover help her manage her carnal appetite?

ISBN: 9781301103928 
Released: November 2012 
Pages: 118 
Formats: pdf, epub, mobi, html 
Price: $2.99 
Genres: Erotica, Erotic Romance, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal 

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A304ECC 
Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-complicated-stripper-diane- thorne/1113751989?ean=2940015909005 
Kobo: http://www.kobobooks.com/ebook/The-Complicated-Stripper/book- hFBTPbRmzEih_n36m7qyNg/page1.html?s=dXTcnl9GNkq_Hf6A6vud6Q&r=1 


A click from within her apartment drew her attention to the hallway. The door squealed lightly as someone opened and closed it. Then footsteps patted onto her hard floor. They stopped. No surprise, her visitor didn't have a heartbeat.

Naked and smiling, she strolled from the bathroom and down the hall. Greger's gaze met hers the minute she turned the corner. He held his coat and tossed it on the recliner as she passed him and proceeded to the kitchen without pausing. When she reached the refrigerator, she came to a halt and opened the door.

"Did you talk to the pastor?" she asked as she claimed a bottle of water from her fridge.

She heard his footsteps moving closer. The sound of zipper prompted her to raise a brow. Gazing out the small window above the sink, she lifted the bottle and dragged it across her forehead. The cold plastic did little to cool her heated temperature, but it sure felt good on her skin.

The jerk of her head back took her by surprise. She dropped the bottle and it thudded when it landed in the sink. Sharp fangs grazed over her neck. In a mere second, her nipples hardened and her heart fluttered.

"Do you think you are the only one starving?" He reached around to her front and slid his digits into her pussy. "I have needs too."

He pinned her against the counter with his cock touching her back. The desire burning within her raged like a wild fire as he fucked her with his fingers.

"Spread your legs."

The words were soft in her ears but very deep and demanding. She obeyed his command, and he brushed his knees against her inner thighs. Teasing her more, he withdrew his fingers from her slick cunt and rubbed them over her clit. Her body quivered inside, wanting more.

"Fuck me, Greger."

His hand disappeared, then she felt the tip of his cock touch her pussy. "I intend to."

 Author Biography: 

Diane is a lifetime lover of the paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy. Her mind constantly wanders into other worlds full of dark and mysterious creatures. Vampires, werewolves, demons, and other supernatural creatures are her friends. A few bite, others tempt, and some are hot as hell. Reader beware: She is not responsible for any titillation, increased temperatures, hormonal stirrings, or unusual bite marks. Besides writing, Diane enjoys sunny days, strong coffee in the morning, traveling, shopping with her daughter, laughter, and red wine. She dislikes taxes, slow drivers, cold weather, and cranky people.

Where to find Diane Thorne: 

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