Thursday, January 27, 2011

Topic Thursday- The Other Me

Topic Thursday will be a random subject I will post about every week. (Sorry no graphic yet) will come up with something soon.

But this week I thought I would talk about the other me. I know you are probably wondering what is this crazy girl talking about well let me tell you. There is another side to this book loving, divorced mother of one teenage boy.

It occurred to me after I had done two interviews with two fabulous bloggers (Danielle and Theresa ) that I mentioned about my love for music- 80's metal to be exact and to get further in detail a Bon Jovi fanatic- yes I said it I am a BON JOVI addict.

I had thought about keeping both worlds separate but then thought why not admit my other addiction.

So you know when my love for books began well let me tell you when my Bon Jovi love began- way back when I was about 14 or so give or take Runaway hit the airwaves.

I know laugh I know you want to - Hell I do now that I look at this video but then I loved everything about this band , song and this was the beginning of my 27 year love affair with Bon Jovi.

I also run a fansite (unofficial ) dedicated to this band so when I am not reading I am working on this . I don't do this for money, what I get is life long friends as I hope to make through book blogging.

Jovination Forum
Jovination Website
Jovination Twitter

While I find an escape through books I also find it through their music. Their music has helped me through my toughest times(won't go into them) but to be honest without it I don't know how I could have made it through.

So now you have it the other me, I hope I didn't bore you too much. Stay Tuned for next week's topic.


AO said...

hi Donna! that was certainly cool learning about your fascination for Bon Jovi when i read the interviews. he's a brilliant musician and i like his music as well. great post - Topic Thursday! surprise us again next week! c",)

BLHmistress said...

Thank you, my Jovi buddies will be surprised I waited this long to say anything.

Yes they are brilliant musicians with hearts of gold as well- all of them run a foundation and always giving back to all that were good to them.

~ Babs ~ said...

Great topic Donna who can not love Bon Jovi? The 80's was a good time I loved it and still love the music from that era. A group of friends and I were looking back at all our hairstyles from back then :).

BLHmistress said...

Thats why I had to laugh, at the Runaway video because I found that hot then, clothing mainly- I had the poofy hair in the late 80s and lacey hose and the short skirts lol.

This is the reason why I still like guys with long hair especially after Slippery When Wet and New Jersey came out.

Lover Of Romance said...

Its always good to learn about each other's personal lives, I enjoy Bon Jovi as well, I love oldies rock, and its always great to have something that can get us through the tough times. Thanks for giving us a insight on the other side of you!!!

Jackie said...

I have enjoyed Bon Jovi and some of the other "Hair Bands" of the 80's for over 30 years now and to this day when I sing along with Wanted, Dead or Alive it gives me chill bumps! Runaway of course is still a good one too but my all time favorite Bon Jovi song is Bed of Roses followed by You Give Love A Bad Name....

Now to tell you another one that I love would be the band Styx, because of their songs my sweetie and I found at least one lasting thing we share which is a love of every song they wrote and performed and we still sing along with and love their music today!

Of course I also like a little bit of "Twisted Sister" occasionally so have weird eclectic taste...

BLHmistress said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it thanks for stopping by :) wasn't sure how well this new posting would go over.

BLHmistress said...

@Jackie my favorite songs thats trying to list my fave kids lol= but I have to say Wanted, Prayer, Bed of Roses is amazing , Bad Name, I Want You - I could go on and on Lie to Me , most recently Superman Tonight, The More Things Change.

I love Styx too as well as many hair bands. I went to concerts all the time way back when.

DJL said...

It's great to see other readers who adore 80s music, especially the 80s metal. Bon Jovi is awesome no matter the decade as they are timeless. :) My favorite 80s music icon though was Pat Benatar, the little lady with the biiiiig voice.

BLHmistress said...

I agree and I love Pat Benatar too , she was the first female rocker in my opinion.

Tevya said...

I am a Bon Jovi and 80s music, especially the "big hair bands". LOL Music and books - those are the things, other than my family, that make my world go round. :D I have recently found a love for alternative music. Have you checked out my Music Monday meme on Reading Lark? Also, you will laugh if you look at our play list at the bottom of RL. Andrea and I took turns picking songs. Hers are all alternative pics. Mine are such a hodge podge of music. It makes for a really messed up (but fun) playlist. LOL

Thanks for sharing so much of yourself!

BLHmistress said...

Same with me books help me escape and music helps me cope without either not sure if I could have made it through the last few years.

No I have I am gonna have to make a point to stop by on Mondays- haven't gotten into much alternative I'm kind of stuck in the 80s lol.

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