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FMB Tours: Rough Surrender by Cari Silverwood: Excerpt and Giveaway

Title: Rough Surrender
Author: Cari Silverwood
Genre: BDSM, Historical Romance/Fantasy,
Mystery, Romance, Suspense,
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Words: 78,000


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Book Description:

At a time when airplanes are as new-fangled and sensational as the telephone, Faith dares to fly.

The one territory she has not explored is her own sexuality. In Leonhardt she discovers the man who can teach her how a woman surrenders her body and her mind. However, Leonhardt has a shadowed past and his own learning to do. He doesn't have the right to keep Faith from flying, even if he thinks airplanes are flimsy death-traps made of canvas, timber and their inventor's prayers.

Faith has her limits, Leonhardt has his flaws, and sometimes the nicest people get murdered by unscrupulous bastards. Even if Leonhardt can save the woman he loves, the battle for Faith’s heart will be the hardest one of all.

WARNING: BDSM, anal sex, orgasms galore, and a Dom who likes to claim his property with pen, ink and bondage.


“That’s better. Relax, darling. You’re meant to enjoy this.” His hands moved,

untangling and unrolling the last lengths of her hair, drifting lower,

following the contours of her upper back to her waist and circling her there,

pausing for a moment before leisurely curving across the mounds of her bottom.

What she was allowing this man to do stunned her.

“You have lovely hair, Faith, a beautiful body. I could touch you like this all

night.” He kissed her neck, tickling her with small nibbles. “I’m taking your dress

off now. Your answer, my dear?”

An answer? He wanted speech when her throat had seized up? “Yes. Sir.”

The wall behind the chaise lounge was cream...the lounge was timber and

blue and her legs shook. Already.

From the sound, he’d knelt then his hands encompassed her ankles and

ran a little way up beneath the dress. Cool air caressed her body as he took the

garment up. “Raise your arms, Faith.”

She did so. The dress pooled on the lounge where he tossed it. She’d

never stood before a man in her underwear before--in corset, drawers and

stockings--and this was a man who knew how to control her with mere words.

The longing to know what he meant to do made her breath come harsh to her

ears. Her lips parted.

“I like a woman who obeys my commands.” He rested his hands on her


Before she could stop herself a small noise escaped her lips.

“Do you have a question?” His hands moved on her muscles, massaging

and spreading a delicious warmth that pooled in her breasts and groin.

“Yes. Uh, sir.”

“Ask then.”

“I don’t obey.” She let her head slowly drop forward as he continued

the massage, and his body moved in to mold against her back. A hard length

pressed along the crevice of her bottom. “I don’t. Not normally. Just you. And

here. Uh. That’s all, so nice.”

He laughed a little, softly, near her ear. “I could tell you liked it,

sweetheart. Obeying me here and now is all I want.” He stepped away, keeping

a single finger in the center of her back. “I’m going to take off the rest of your

clothes, Faith and bind you.”

Oh my God.

“Now is when you should say, no, my dear. Then I’ll go.”

She licked her lips. Say, no? And miss what her body craved? He’d done

what he had at the workshop--made her throb exquisitely in all her private places.

She said nothing, wanting, needing, to see what else he could do.

“You want me to stay then.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good.” This time she heard roughness in his voice. “Good.”

He drew off her shoes, her drawers, her hose and corset until she waited

there naked with the air caressing her skin. The man in her room was still

clothed...and she was naked. Her heart thudded, fast and anxious.

“Put your wrists together, behind your back.” His voice softened as

he moved away. Something knocked, then came muted noises. Mr. Meisner

returned and stopped there, just behind her, within reach, where she couldn’t

see, waiting.

She sucked in a breath, let it out slowly, and did as he ordered--put her

arms at her back. He wrapped some sort of rope around her wrists, tightened the

bindings until she could do no more than twist her hands one against the other.

“The curtain cords,” he murmured. “Being an engineer, I like to use chains

and metal when I can, but this will do, for your first time. How does that feel,

Faith?” He set his hands on her hips. His skin on her naked skin. She shuddered,

feeling wetness seep between her legs. “Turn around and look at me. Now.”

Of a sudden, seeing him looking at her was scarier than staring at the wall

and knowing he did things to her behind her back. She bowed her head, felt her

hands again--roped together. The position made her breasts jut out and as she

looked, her nipples puckered and poked out like fat buttons.

“Faith. Turn and face me.”

“Yes, sir.” She shuffled around and his hands stayed on her, sliding at

her hips, just above there, where she ached. His big brown eyes were on her

and she couldn’t help but look up into them and be caught, the sensation turning

topsy-turvy, messing with every thought in her head. Mr. Meisner had her in his


“There, love. I do believe you like this.” His eyes crinkled and his mouth

moved in the most heartwarming smile she’d yet observed. “You don’t need to

answer that. I can see. In this.” He put both hands on her breasts, cupping them

then brushing each thumb once across her nipples.

“Oh.” She swayed and found her eyes half closing.

“And this.” Deliberately, while his gaze still locked with hers, he let one

hand leave her breast, trail down her stomach, across the triangle of hair...

No. He wouldn’t. She tugged at the ropes around her wrists but nothing

gave. Her helplessness fed into the heaviness curling tight and low in her

stomach. The nub of flesh inches from his fingers peaked and hardened. She

tensed then arched into his hold, and still he watched.

His hand slid between her legs and paused there. “You’ve no hair on your

lips down here, Faith.” His eyebrows rose a smidgeon.

He wanted her to speak? Just being there, still, his finger confused her,

kept her thoughts centered on the minute details of what he did. “I...I remove it. A

friend in Paris showed me. For cleanliness and” Her explanation trailed

away, swallowed by the sensations bubbling up.

“Hmm, I like the result.” His gentle baritone hum...the spot his finger

touched...her nakedness and the power this man had over her, and, oh, the way

he watched, it all roiled deliciously around inside her.

She gulped then held her breath as...his finger followed the line of her slit,

where wetness collected, and slow as a tongue licking the edge of an ice cream,

nudged aside her lips, and dipped inside her. There. Oh. Yes. A coil of simmering

energy seemed to squeeze down into the tightest ball, and quiver to be released.

His thumb found her nub and pressed down firmly. Over and over and over.

Her heart stopped. The room shattered. Her breath came out in a choking

squeak from her gaping mouth. Nothing existed except the storm of pleasure

bursting upward from where he probed and pressed. Unable to stop herself, she

jerked and moaned through each wave of the storm until her body was wrung dry

of the very last shudder.

When the room centered and she raised her eyelids, Mr. Meisner held

her in his arms, snuggled to his chest. He rubbed her back, just like he had on

the boat. “There you go, sweetheart. Lord. Never seen any woman orgasm that

easily. You do like this. Do you understand? You like being tied up.”

About the Author:

Though I’d much rather stay invisible and spin you all tales with my words, here’s a little snippet of my world.

I have a lovely family, here in Australia, with the prerequisite teenager who dwells in the dark bedroom catacombs…a husband who raises eyebrows when he catches glimpses of what I write, and a furry menagerie of other animals barking, meowing, and swimming about the place.

I write stories that will blast you from your bed & heroes who will drag you back there by your hair and ravish you endlessly - think kink, adventure and alpha men.

Find the Author:

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ROUGH SURRENDER looks & sounds amazing. Loved the excerpt thank you.

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Great looking cover, for a hot sounding story!


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I'm hoping to get to read Rough Surrender soon. I've been interested in the book since I saw it during a BDSM blog hop.
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