Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 2011 Highlander Reading Challenge

Escape Between The Pages

I like this challenge, been wanting to read more Highlander books so this gives me a chance to do so why not add another to the list of many challenges for next year lol.

This challenge is hosted by Escape Between The Pages

This will be the first reading challenge, I have ever hosted. It is a challenge to read 20 sexy Highlander Novels for the year 2011. It doesn't matter if you cross read and review with another challenge, that will be left completely up to you. Cross-genres (ie: immortal highlander, time traveling, shapeshifting highlander, etc...) will also be allowed. The 20 books should be read between Jan 1, 2011 through Dec 31, 2011. Any books read before Jan 1st will not count.

Sign Up Details:
• Please make a post on your blog about participating in this challenge.
• Place your name along with your blogs name below in Mister Linky's first box. Then your blogs url link in the second box.
• Place The Highlander Reading Challenge 2011 banner in your side bar using the code provided, so that others may join if they wish. (You may modify size if need be)

Please keep in mind, this challenge is purely for fun. Don't be fretting over how your reviews are written or the time frame you are given. You and your reviews are not going to be judged. Just enjoy your books and post what you thought about them. That is good enough for me. Hell, perhaps through you all, I will discover new highlander novels and authors. Thank you for participating and have fun.


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