Monday, December 13, 2010

Interview with Ty Langston - Debut Author of By Sunset

I was very fortunate to have Ty Langston stop by to say hi and answer a few questions .


First of all thank you for stopping by !

BLHWhen did you begin writing?

I’ve been writing since I was about 6 or 7 years old after my grandmother dared me to write something I believe to get out of her hair one summer. LOL. I read a lot of fantasy books as a child and I told her that I think I could write one just like one of the authors I had read could. And she just said ‘just write’. I did and from then you’ll usually find me with a notebook, pen and an ipod.

BLH: What encouraged you to pursue a writing career?

Not till 2 years ago. I had gotten pretty sick and my dad was dying of terminal cancer all at the same time. Before I gotten sick, I had only recently met my father and I was getting to know my siblings and their kids.
It wasn’t till my mother accidently fell upon a fan fiction story that I had ( and still) doing. She literally sat me down and told me that I should seriously think about writing professionally.
After that some of my friends including my critique partners, Carole and Jill were like. Time to get serious. You’re ready.

BLH: How did you come up with your pen name?

My pen name is actually my middle name Ty and Langston is my grandmother’s maiden name. She was a very influential person in my life and she would have gotten such a kick out of all of this. (knowing her, she would have bought or had her late sisters download every book they could ). LOL

BLH: What do you like to read?

Jeez, I should have known you’d ask me. There’s so many. I do like paranormal a lot. I love J.A. Saare, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole (I love her! ) Gena Showalter, and a ton of others. I recently finished reading three excellent books by some Lazy Day Publishing Authors.

Alta Hensley wrote an awesome erotica called Traditional Love, (Caine is now an official b.f.) and I love Amy LeBlanc’s Dark Rogue, which is a paranormal erotica and Expectations by Liz Borino, which is a contemporary romance novel.

And I’m dying to read Melissa Ecker’s series I’ve heard all kinds of great things about her erotica books (I have them all q’d up in my laptop as well as Drew in Blue)

So it running through all varieties currently. (I really like to read as you can tell)

BLH: How did you come up with the premise for By Sunset?

I love Dragons and epic fantasy stories. I wanted to kind of go back in time when I had heard that my father had gotten sick. So I began to write this story, but put an adult and sexy twist on it.

BLH:What can we expect in future books in this series?

Well in By Moonlight, Book II. We meet Caleb’s brother’s Tristan and Marrkos. Without giving two much away...Caleb and Julian are off on another race where a murderer is finally revealed and another batch of secrets sets off a whole new course of events.

Book III is called By Sunrise and it’s climatic finish from the ramifications of Books I and II.

BLH: What does the future in store for you after this series has ended?

In between and in the future more writing. I have a three contemporary erotica stories.
The first two are from the ‘A Foreign Affair’ series.
The first is called “Sweet Dreams” is it’s about a couple, Beth and Yuri who meet in a hotel in New York City for a weekend after she has met him online through an international mail-order dating site called “A Foreign Affair'” And yes I said mail order...LOL

The next one involves Yuri’s best friend, Nik, who also attempts to find love with humorous results on the same site, his book is called “Mail Order Groom”

BLH: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors out there?

Read what’s out there. Read a lot. There are some wonderful authors out there and there’s room for everyone. Also, when looking at what publishers look for in submissions, do what they say . I lot of them have their submissions guidelines right on their site and since a lot of editors are also on Twitter, if you still have a question on what they want after looking at their guidelines, ask them. Talk to other writers also. The author community is a very supportive one.

BLH: What would you like to say to your fans?

Thank you for reading By Sunset, I hope you all enjoyed it.
You all can drop me a line on twitter @bedofroses2001
my blog
or my FB page

I’m writing Book II as we speak so all of you stay tuned to some excerpts on my blog and perhaps on twitter!

Thanks so much for having me

Here is the link to my review of By Sunset  and if you would like to buy a copy here is the link Amazon


Jessica said...

Great interview! Thank you for introducing me to this author. :)

Julie said...

Wonderful interview! I love how much your family played into your pursuit of writing; without that type of support; things are made much more difficult.

Shelly said...

Thanks so much Julie. It's shell aka as Ty. and my family has been wonderful throughout this entire process for me. I've been very lucky.

@Jessica, i'm so glad you enjoyed the interview. I had a lot of fun and i hope you like By Sunset. Feel free to ask me anything or leave a comment about it. :)

The Happy Booker said...

Nice interview. I love epic fantasy and I wonder if you plan to go back to this genre after completing your upcoming contemporary erotica series?
I definitely want to find out more about By Sunset, this sounds like one I won't want to miss! Thanks.

Shelly said...

Hi @the happy booker and the answer is yes. i'm actually 1/2 through writing book II of By sunset which is called By Moonlight. I hope you enjoy By Sunset. :)

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