Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kelly's Review: FATAL EMBRACE


By Aris Whittier

Published by: Five Star Trade

First Printing: October 2, 2005

ISBN-10: 1410402460

ISBN-13: 978-1410402462

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Concept: Several years ago, Michael Craven gave up his career as a detective when his fiancee was killed and her killer never caught. Living with the guilt, he throws himself into his Montana ranch and his solitary existence. But, when a serial killer starts making his way through a nearby town, Michael is asked to come back and help a good friend and fellow detective, solve the crime. In doing so, he must hire someone to take his place on the ranch.

When horse trainer, Jess Stanson shows up, it takes Michael by surprise. Jess turns out to be Jessica. Jessica convinces him to let her stay. Over time they established a fragile friendship. Although, on the inside both feel more but, Michael's past prevents him from being anything but distant and serious.

As Michael works diligently to track down the killer he finds that Jessica is the only witness to the case. Vowing to protect her with his life and keep his growing feelings separate is no easy task. When Jessica becomes a target it becomes personal for Michael and he can no longer deny his love for this spirited woman. He will do anything to protect her, including giving his own life.”

Review: So who doesn’t love a good mystery? This one throws in a little romance, a little horse love (which by the way, I’m a huge animal person so that was a plus for me), some pain, some happiness, a murder and some fun and interesting side characters. It’s a quick read, and even though I guessed who it was, I don’t think that was necessarily the author’s purpose in writing this book (I mean, I don't think the book was intended to keep you guessing until the very end). I felt more like she wanted to entertain her reader and that’s what she did. So for that, I would recommend this book to anyone loving a good romance/murder mystery book. I still kept looking for my vampires though. ::smiling::

What I liked: I’m not sure how it happened, but from the very opening scene in this book, I found myself really liking these characters. I have read other reviews that said that the dialogue was witty. Personally, I didn’t find that to be the case. I found it to be more realistic in a soap opera sort of way. Whatever the case, these characters reached right through my e-reader and grabbed me!

What I disliked: I don’t feel like the relationship between Michael and Stanson (Jess) develops on a smooth level. Michael seems, eh, I’m not sure of the right word, strained maybe? It’s just not a smooth thing. He runs too hot and cold. He’s almost bipolar or something. I don’t know. It just didn’t *feel* right. Oh, and one more thing, I really did not like the title of this book. I think the title might even keep people away from reading it.

My rating: 3.5 feathers

by Kelly
for Book Lover's Hideaway


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