Thursday, July 28, 2011

The BLB Blog Tour Guest Post with Jason Beymer

Please give a warm welcome to Jason Beymer, Thank you Jason for stopping by today.

If Your Characters Actually Came to Life

I don't draw. In kindergarten, I unintentionally specialized in abstracts. I couldn't color,paint, or form anything that resembled a circle. Still, my teacher always gave me a patronizing pat on the back and said, "Gooood, Jason! Ooh, that's wonderful!" And I would smile toothlessly at her, thinking, "Have you been eating the paste? This drawing stinks!" When I drew characters, they had big, misshapen heads. If any came to life, people would either flee in terror, or point and laugh. Physics wouldn't keep my drawings alive long anyway. Their heads would be too heavy for their bodies and they'd end up dragging them like lead, eyeballed weights. And they wouldn't be able to breathe, since mouths were never my forte (lips usually resided on the left or right cheek).

Now, give this boy a laptop and a sturdy keyboard and he'll fly. And if the characters I conjured in my novels came to life, they would be scary in a different way. You wouldn't want to meet them in a dark alley. Doban, the main character from Rogue's Curse, would slit your throat, steal your wallet, and likely touch you inappropriately (but he'd tell a funny joke while doing it). And you wouldn't want to meet anyone from Nether, except the miniature dachshund, Pearl. Pearl might eat you, but at least she'd provide some nice conversation.

Luckily my characters only live inside my books. And (not coincidentally) both Nether and Rogue's Curse are available now!

I hope you'll give Nether a read.

Here's the blurb:

One suburban night. One stubborn corpse. One golden opportunity.Burklin had it all: a spacious two-story house, a shapeshifting wife, a wide open future. That is, until his father ripped out his soul and trapped it inside an opinionated dachshund. Now he's lost everything, leaving him a slave on mop-up duty for a homicidal teenage demon. His father is sleeping with his ex, the possessed dachshund won't stop talking, and the cleanup jobs keep getting messier. Burklin would give anything to have his life back--even if it means turning against his manipulative father and destroying their chance of winning the Nether's Demon Lord Sweepstakes.

Opportunity knocks with a dead woman's hand. When the demon's latest victim won't stay dead, the rules of life and death change. Freedom lies within Burklin's reach, but to get it he'll have to defy his father, the ex-wife he still loves, and the Nether itself.

Just how far is he willing to go?

To Read My Review of Nether click HERE

Where You Can Buy Nether:

About the Author:

A permanent fixture at his local coffeehouse,Jason Beymer hunches over his laptop in a caffeine-induced frenzy, jowls slick with muse. He injects comedy into the urban and traditional fantasy genres like a squeeze of lemon into ice water: tart, yet refreshing.

When not pounding on his keyboard, Jason worships at the feet of Ray Bradbury, and engages in an unhealthy obsession with Grace Park and Tricia Helfer.


Twitter: @beerandtv



Denise Z said...

Thank you for sharing this fun post today, I have been stalking Nether and cannot wait to read it.

Jason Beymer said...

Thank you for allowing me to guest post!

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