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Kely's Review: Never Kiss a Stranger

Book 1 in a Trilogy

By Heather Grothaus

Published by: Zebra Books, a Division of Kensington Publishing Corporation,
119 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018
First Printing: March 2011
LinkeISBN-13: 978-1-4201-2246-6
eISBN 10: 1-4201-2246-0
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Concept: “SURRENDER – ‘Alys, do you want me?’ Piers asked, his voice low.

‘I do.’ She brought her fingertips to the clasp at her throat and undid her cloak. “I’ve wanted you since the night you came to me in the Foxe Ring.”

No sooner had the whisper escaped her lips than Piers claimed her mouth with his own. He wrapped his arms around her and half lifted her off the floor, as if trying to absorb her.

His mouth was slick and cool and wet, and she met his passionate need with one of her own every bit as fiery and demanding…”

[From the book.]

Review: This is the story of a rather tenacious 14 year old girl whom, after a tantrum that results in her taking away a pet monkey from her potential mother-in-law, runs away from her sisters’ rule. Her sister is arranging a marriage that she doesn’t like and so she runs to some sort of mythical “ring” where she coincidentally meets a man that she considers herself married to. There the story starts. The man (Piers) has his own problems, and doesn’t want to be saddled with this 14 year old. Alys (the 14 year old) doesn’t really care and latches on to Piers for his journey to London. The story is about the relationship developing between Piers and Alys and about their adventures both along the way to London and prior to getting to their meeting point.

The story started out fast, then slowed tremendously, almost to the point of being boring, and then got rather exciting at a point where the couple came across “tree people” that helped them and then their climactic London arrival was exciting and satisfying as well. But, I found the ending to be rushed and the entire build up of the romance between Piers and Alys was a huge let down once they got down to the deed. There was no romance in this book except that so that was a let down for me as well.

The story will continue with what I understand is to be a trilogy, I assume the story of the three sisters. I’m not sure if I will read the second installment. I don’t know if I care enough.

What I liked: I truly enjoyed the banter and dialogue in the book. It brought the characters to life for me in a way that not many authors are very good at. The writing itself was excellent and I would definitely read more from this author, perhaps outside of this series.

What I disliked: The monkey. I wasn’t really crazy for Alys either. She was an annoying 14 year old that was very much like your average 14 years old. When I thought of that, imagining her with Piers made it difficult for me. I think she needed to be older and wiser and then I might have been more apt to pull for her in the story.

My rating: 3.5 feathers

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