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Goddess Fish Promotions Highland Honor Guest Post and Giveaway

Why are Highlanders so popular?

Throughout history the Scottish people have been persecuted. They have spent much of their history fighting the English and trying to remain sovereign. Highlanders have been portrayed with characteristics such as honor, courage and integrity. They fight for their beliefs even if it means fighting to their death. In Highland Honor Colin “Hawke” MacPherson seeks the reasons for his father’s death. He knows the man who sired him is not a traitor to either the English or the Scottish crown.

For many of us we have relatives who have lived in the Highlands and reading the novels is a way to relive the past through generations. And of course there is the romantic element of these lands. They are rugged and wild and they breed a man who has the same characteristics. We like to believe in love so deep and strong the man would give up his life to protect the woman he loves. We don't really see that in our every day lives. Most of get up, go to work then come home to fix dinner and watch TV.

Reading Highland romances gives us a chance to dream and fantasize about brave Scottish highlanders such as Colin MacPherson. As Callie wondered in the book, how would it feel to be touched so gently by such a man? Highlanders are larger than life. They can toss cabers and run in kilts. They defend their castles and honor their women. A real highlander will protect their families and the ones they love, putting their lives before their own.

In Highland Honor, Hawke does just that. He rushes forward with little care to his safety to rescue Callie. Of course he has every confidence in his fighting skills. Still, a man can die, a horse can fall, or an arrow can hit home, penetrating any armor. In Highland Honor, Hawke and Callie find a love so true it can will last an eternity.

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Format: Kindle Edition
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Publisher: Rogue PHoenix Press (October 28, 2011)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Language: English
ASIN: B0064FJ8Q2

Short Blurb:
Willfully stubborn, innocently courageous, Callie Whitcomb braves a journey through the treacherous highlands to the MacPherson castle. Callie flees from an unwanted marriage as well as her ruthless half brother. Naively she believes Colin MacPherson, the head of the clan, is loyal to her father and will give her sanctuary, protecting her from the vile plans that have been made for her. As hard and as unyielding as the winter storms that sweep through the countryside, Colin is irresistibly drawn to the impetuous beauty who has magically appeared on his doorsteps. Despite his vows of revenge against her father, she stirs his passion as well as his sense of justice...but to love her would violate all his vows of revenge.

Scotland November 1512:

A heavy frost sat on the frozen earth, and a full moon shone clearly between the heavy clouds dotting the sky. Lady Callie Whitcomb looked over her shoulder as she raced through the deepening gloom toward the lighted tavern ahead. Every shadow, every mournful sigh of the wind sweeping through the trees, every chilling animal sound filled her with terror. Fear for her life drove her to put all thoughts of danger aside. He would follow her, find her, and drag her home.


"Don't think of that now," she reminded herself fiercely, even while tears stung in the back of her throat and fear made her limbs tremble. "Don't ye dare think of home. It no longer exists." Nothing and no one could coax her back or make her believe there was naught but terror in the home where she'd been born.

"I will never marry Lord Huntington. Never!" she whispered fiercely, the chill night air solemnly echoing her words.

Her stepbrother, Archibald Covington III, made sure she could never return.

"There ye be, lass! I've been waiting for ye."

The voice rose from nowhere and surprised her. Her heart froze, lurched, then began an erratic beat, while raw nerves snapped, sending a myriad of sensations racing down her spine.

"Archibald--" she whispered, panic sweeping through her. "He's found me." All she could hear was the pounding of her own blood in her ears.

About The Author:

Born in Medford, Oregon, novelist Christine Young has lived in Oregon all of her life. After graduating from Oregon State University with a BS in science, she spent another year at Southern Oregon State University working on her teaching certificate, and a few years later received her Master's degree in secondary education and counseling. Now the long, hot days of summer provide the perfect setting for creating romance. She sold her first book, Dakota's Bride, the summer of 1998 and her second book, My Angel to Kensington. She is the author of 10 published romance books and 2 novellas. Christine is a retired high school math teacher. Her teaching and writing careers have intertwined with raising three children. Christine's newest venture is the creation of Rogue Phoenix Press. Christine is the founder, editor and co-owner with her husband. They live in Salem, Oregon.



Mary Preston said...

"Reading Highland romances gives us a chance to dream and fantasize about brave Scottish highlanders such as Colin MacPherson." That's it right there.


Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting Christine today.

MomJane said...

I love stories about Scotland, and this sounds really good.

Karen H said...

I think it's because of the persecution and abuse the Scots suffered throughout the centuries that make them so dear to our hearts. Of course, Mel Gibson's portail of William Wallace in Braveheart that brings the Highlanders to life.

Carol L. said...

All that honor and loyalty has made the Highlander Heroes in our hearts. I can't wait to read about Hawke and Callie. Thanks so much for the excerpts..
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Christine Young said...

Thanks to Book Lovers Hideway for hosting me today.

BLHmistress said...

Thanks to everyone to has stopped by and Thank you Christine for Guest Posting at BLH. Happy Holidays everyone!

Catherine Lee said...

Callie sounds like a strong woman. I like that in a romance...along with a wide-sweeping setting like the Highlands offer.


Christine Young said...

Please check back on Saturday for the winner of the Clan MacPherson bookmark. The drawing for the GC will be held at the end of the tour.

Christine Young said...

Catherine Lee you have won the Clan MacPherson bookmark. I will email you but if you don't get the email for some reason you can send your address to achristay@aol.com

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