Friday, November 26, 2010

Dark Winter Tale Event

Dark Winter Tale

Dark Winter Tale Event hosted by Dark Faerie Tales and Tynga's Reviews starting from Dec 1st to Dec 21st . It will feature 15 paranormal authors

Adrian Phoenix (Etched in Bone)

A.M. Robinson (Vampire Crush)

Anna Windsor (Captive Soul)

Carrie Harris (Bad Taste in Boys)

Carrie Jones (Entice)

Jess Haines (Taken by the Others)

Joy Preble (Haunted)

Lesley Livingston (Tempestuous)

Linda Roberston (Arcane Circle)

Mari Mancusi (Night School)

Nancy Holzner (Hellforged)

Rebecca York (Day of the Dragon)

Sarwat Chadda (Dark Goddess)

S.L. Wright (Demon Underground)

Tracey O'Hara (Death's Sweet Embrace)

Every week days, from Dec 1st to Dec 21st, you will be able to read a new section of the Dark Winter Tale story, written by a different author each time! Each section will be posted alternatively between Dark Faerie Tales & Tynga’s Reviews and giveaways will be joined to most posts. Amazing time guaranteed!

So come and join in on the fun , I know I will be there .


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