Monday, November 15, 2010

Upcoming Book Releases

Week of November 16th continued.

Lovingby Danielle Steel


Bettina Daniels lived a fairytale existence of  glamour, endless parties, and luxury among  America's top celebrities — simply because she was the  beautiful daughter of famous American author Justin Daniels. Then, in one moment of tragedy, her  father was dead, and Bettina discovered the truth  — he had spent every dime he'd ever earned and run up  millions in debt. At eighteen, penniless and  alone, she had lost everything except her father's  dearest friend, Ivo Stewart. A wealthy, handsome publisher  of sixty-two, he offered Bettina a  way out: marriage. But only for a time. What lay  ahead for Bettina was a life filled with shocks and  surprises — and eventually a chance to become a  playwright, and a writer like her father. Having  learned her lessons dearly, Bettina blossoms into  her own person at last.

At the Queen's Command (2010)
by Michael A. Stackpole
1763: The Crown Colonies of Mystria are in turmoil,
trapped between warring empires and facing insurrection from natives and 
colonists alike...

Captain Owen Strake, a wounded and battle-weary Redcoat of the Queen's 

Own Wurms, has come to this untamed land. At the Queen's command, 
Owen's mission is to survey this vast, uncharted territory, performing 
reconnaissance of rival Tharyngians and the savage Twilight People of 
the wilderness.

Prince Vladimir is a Norillian noble, nephew to the Queen. 

Though he has little real political power, he struggles to ensure the colonists' 
interests are represented back in Norisle. The one thing he does have is a wurm... one of the few existing dragons from a clutch of eggs discovered in the old world, 
hundreds of years ago.

As Mystria swirls into chaos, Owen becomes prisoner of a Tharyngian necromancer. Meanwhile, Vlad is to be married off to an old world princess, 

an alliance supposed to help supply money and mercenaries to put down the various insurrections. But, nobody suspects that Vlad's wurm is about to undergo a change that will impact the world's delicate political balance...

From New York Times-bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole 

(Rogue Squadron, I, Jedi) comes At the Queen's Command, the first book of The Crown Colonies, a new fantasy series re-imagining the events of the American Revolutionary War.

Bachelor Unleashed (2010) 
by Brenda Jackson

They had a hot, fleeting affair Farrah Langley has never forgotten. 
Attorney-to-the-rich-and-famous Xavier Kane was tender, sexy, attentive—and 
ravished her body. 
Everything she ever wanted in a lover. Getting together with him again in
New York 
is a fantasy come true. 
She certainly doesn't expect the footloose bachelor to change his ways. 
And the burned-by-love mediator isn't looking for forever.

But Xavier is.

There's something about Farrah…
something that touches him deep in his soul…
something that keeps him coming back. 
So when fate brings them together again, 
Xavier's ready to pick up where they left off. 
But this time around, he wants more. 
Can he convince the lean, leggy beauty 
that he's finished playing the field? 
That he wants only one woman in his bed, in his arms—in his heart?

Every Bitter Thing (2010) 
by Leighton Gage

It's the victim, not the crime, that concerns the authorities in Gage's gripping fourth mystery to feature quick-witted Chief Insp. Mario Silva of Brazil's Federal Police (after January 2010's Dying Gasp). When Juan Rivas is found shot and beaten to death in his apartment in Brasília, it's "a major political incident" because Juan was the 32-year-old son of the Venezuelan foreign minister. Silva, who's struck by the crime's violence, checks the countrywide database and finds four similar unsolved murders and only a tenuous connection among the victims, who include a petroleum engineer and a social psychologist known for his best-selling books on sex. Aided by his longtime sidekick, Arnaldo Nunes, and the other members of his diverse team, Silva winnows a list of suspects who may also be potential victims. In the end, Gage's policemen are willing to go to extremes, even illegal ones, to achieve justice. (Dec.)
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Dining with Joy (2010) 
by Rachel Hauck

Romance novelist Hauck (Love Starts with Elle) whips up a delectable and light tale of finding love amid everything edible, a story that goes down easy. Joy Ballard, a cooking show host who can't cook, inherited her television show from her father. Joy's executive producer sells Dining with Joy to success-hungry Allison Wild of Wild Woman Productions, who brings on hunky chef Luke Davis, owner of a failed Manhattan restaurant. When Joy and Luke mix it up on television, sparks fly and ratings soar. The only thing holding back Joy's career is the truth about her lack of cooking talent and her guilty conscience. Toss in some cooking rivals, old family wounds, and struggles with Christian faith, and readers will find themselves hankering for another serving of low country living from Joy's pantry. (Nov.) (c)
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Music of the Distant Stars (2010) 
by Alys Clare

At the start of Clare's engaging third Aelf Fen medieval mystery featuring apprentice healer Lassair (after February 2010's Mist over the Water), Lassair discovers a second body in the grave of her recently deceased grandmother, that of a pregnant young seamstress. Sir Alain de Villequier, a Norman knight and the local justiciar, seeks the killer, but Lassair, with her mystical powers, may prove more effective in discovering who strangled the girl, if only she can keep her imagination and her tongue under control. The charming, compassionate Sir Alain, Lassair learns, had more than a passing interest in the victim. Clare deftly evokes the tension between the Norman overlords and the Saxon natives of the fens as the former try to impose both Norman law and religion on the latter, who remain under the spell of the old religion. The murderer's identity will surprise most readers. (Dec.)
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Sealed With a Kiss (2010)
by Robin Palmer

Lucy B. Parker has finally settled into her new life in New York City, living with her new frister (friend + sister), superstar Laurel Moses. SheÕs got a new BFF in Beatrice, and sheÕs spending her summer vacation off in L.A. visiting Laurel on the set of her new movie and meeting teen heartthrobs left and right. Life is good, until Lucy develops a crushÑand unlike previous crushes, this one is not on a character in a book or a movie, but on a real living breathing boy, BeatriceÕs brother Blair. Unfortunately for Lucy, nothing ever seems to go as she plans. Because although Lucy dreamed that Blair would be her first kiss, it seems like someone else might beat him to it!


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