Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review Highland Destiny by Laura Hunsaker

Paperback: 228 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (March 4, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 145652139X
ISBN-13: 978-1456521394

Book courtesy of Laura Hunsaker

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Amazon Summary:
Mackenzie Stewart’s in Scotland for a much-needed vacation. During the castle tour, Mackenzie becomes completely enamored with a painting of one of the previous lairds. Two gentlemen come up behind her and, begging her pardon, they kidnap her, dragging her through time. The men are sorcerers attempting to end a feud that has plagued their lands for years. Their patron has begun to dabble in the black arts, and between his irrational thirst for power, and his dark secret, the sorcerers are frightened. They believe Mackenzie can break the Stewart curse. They try to convince her to play along with their crazy scheme: marriage to the evil John Campbell. Before Mackenzie can protest, her carriage is halted and the door thrown open. For a split-second she is arrested by the same beautiful piercing blue eyes that belonged in an oil painting. Mackenzie then finds herself the victim of a second kidnapping! Her new captor, however, does nothing but tempt her body and her temper. Believing her to in fact be the betrothed of his mortal enemy the Campbell, Connor originally sets out to capture his enemy’s betrothed. He never thought he would be so attracted to her that he’d want to keep her. Rating: Spicy

To be honest before starting my blog I think I could count on one hand how many highlander books I read and though I had liked them none really stirred me away from my passion which is paranormal then I started my blog and had a few friends give me a few recommendations and that is how my new obsession began.

This book I can add to my all time favorite books for 2011, I just loved Mackenzie, she is the kind of female character I really can enjoy, she is feisty but still Connor finds his way into her heart. I loved the fact she would do anything even though in a time she really didn't know much about go and fight for her man.

Connor what can I say about him other than Oh I do love him, typical me male you woman attitude at first but comes to realize just how much he loved how different Mackenzie is from the ladies of his time.

What can I say about this book other than I loved it, as I sat here reading I pictured myself what would I do if two strangers came up to me and dragged me off to another time. I think Mackenzie handled it better than I would have until I met someone like Connor. :)

I personally can't wait for the next book in this series, I think Laura did a fabulous job weaving a wonderful tale. I wish I could say more about the ending because I really enjoyed how she tied things up. Would I recommend? Yes if you love steamy romance with flight back into the past as well a hot sexy highlander this book is for you.


Stop by tomorrow Laura will be by with a Guest Post-character interview with the characters and she has graciously offered a copy of Highland Destiny to one winner,The Giveaway starts tomorrow , answer the question on tomorrow's post. All you have to do is tell us Who you is your favorite Highlander ? Also please leave an email so I can contact you.

The giveaway is running from June 13th to 20th, I will announce the winner on the 21st.


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