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Sookie Series Reviews Book One, Two and Three

To Celebrate the beginning of the new season, I been reading the books so this post will be reviews of Books 1-3.

Mass Market Paperback: 292 pages
Publisher: Ace Books (May 1, 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0441008534
ISBN-13: 978-0441008537
Source- Own Copy

Goodreads Summary:
For years, Charlaine Harris has delighted fans with her mystery series featuring small-town waitress-turned-paranormal sleuth Sookie Stackhouse. Now, we are pleased to offer her first novel in the series in a special hardcover edition.

And with HBO launching an all-new show, True Blood, based on the Southern Vampire novels, the demand for Charlaine Harris and Sookie Stackhouse will be bigger than ever.

I am a huge fan of the series, True Blood but hadn't read the books. Which is an odd thing for me because usually I would have read the book or books first. So I was worried after watching the tv show would I like the books or vice versa would I hate the show afterwards. I kept putting it off but I had several people one being my niece kept after me saying you really need to read them. So finally I broke down and started to read and let me say I could kick myself for not reading them sooner.

Once I started to read Dead Until Dark, I found myself more than once thinking well that isn't like that in the show. But that being said I really really loved the start to this series. I felt I connected more to the characters more especially Sookie and my love for Eric has grown even deeper. I am also finding that I don't care for Bill as much as I did.

I definitely could see the differences between the show and the books, especially when it came down to the sex scenes where as in the show its all out there for everyone to see, the books had a subtle quality which I enjoyed just as much.

I have to say if you love the show and haven't read the books like I had please do they are incredible.

Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 449 KB
Print Length: 291 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0441009239
Publisher: Ace (March 26, 2002)
Sold by: Penguin Publishing
Language: English
Source; Own Copy

Amazon Summary:
When a vampire asks cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse to use her telepathic skills to find another missing vampire, she agrees under one condition: the vampires must promise to behave and let the humans that are involved to go unharmed. Easier said than done. All it takes is one delicious blond and one small mistake for things to turn deadly.

This book I was looking forward too because second season of True Blood was my favorite season so far. Especially Sookie's time in Dallas. That being said I knew there would be some differences but just didn't know how much til I started to read and let me say this is book has to be my favorite so far.

I loved the inclusion of other supernaturals in this book but they are more hidden where as the vampires are all about out in the open. I wish they could have incorporated more of the side characters in this book into the series would have made for some interesting TV.

And can I say I just love how in the books Eric and Sookie's relationship is blossoming more, If you haven't guessed by now but I am all for Team Eric. How can you not love that hot viking vampire.

That being said excellent continuation of this series and on I go to book 3 again a must read for True Blood Fans out there.

Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 339 KB
Print Length: 258 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0441010512
Publisher: Ace (April 29, 2003)
Sold by: Penguin Publishing
Language: English
Source: Own Copy

Goodreads Summary:
Things between cocktail waitress Sookie and her vampire boyfriend Bill seem to be going excellently (apart from the small matter of him being undead) until he leaves town for a while. A long while. Bill's sinister boss Eric has an idea of where to find him, whisking her off to Jackson, Mississippi to mingle with the under-underworld at Club Dead. When she finally catches up with the errant vampire, he is in big trouble and caught in an act of serious betrayal. This raises serious doubts as to whether she should save him or start sharpening a few stakes of her own .

Okay I know I said book 2 was my favorite well I changed my mind book 3 is now my favorite. I seen some similarities the show used but all in all it was almost a completely different story. One thing I gotta say if I didn't love Eric before I sure do now this book sealed it for me.

There is a couple scenes in this book I wished they would have included in the show, both revolved around Sookie and Eric. I won't say what they were because if you haven't read the books I don't want to give them away but lets just say my heart melted.

Bill you didn't see much of in this book and when he did , he came across as indifferent and I'm not sure what to think other than I hope at some point he redeems himself for me. I do like Bill.

A few final thoughts, one being,It is so hard not to compare the books with the show. But as much as I love Alan Ball's vision of these books, I am finding myself loving the books more.

Second,As most of you know I wasn't a big fan of first person views until just recently and I am certainly glad this is written that way though I wouldn't mind other characters POV's once in awhile.

One final thought,I absolutely love the way Charlaine writes, and she has a new fan who is eager to just keep on reading this series til she ends it. Now I am off to read the 4th book Dead to the World which from what I'm hearing is the best book out of the bunch.

Overall Rating:


Bookish Brunette said...

See I'm TOTALLY an ERIC fan through and through!!! So when the show keeps her with Bill it irritates me!! lol

The Bookish Brunette

Anne said...

I've read C.H. back when she was writing mystery series and read the Sookie books from the beginning. I loved the books and I was initially unhappy with the show. I really had to force myself to essentially view them as two entirely separate entities.

I enjoy the show (season 1 and 2), but find parts of it tedious (the Maryanne storyline was a bore to me).

The books show you that the sex doesn't have to be all consuming and extreme (pay attention Laurell K. Hamilton) to be effective.

BLHmistress said...

I can't say just how much I am loving these books so far, I just finished Dead to the World. I love Eric even more. I swear reading this series is like an addiction because just as soon as I finish one I just have to jump to the next one.

Jo K said...

I'm glad you like the books. I read four books in the series so far and I think the fourth will be your next favourite:) An I like the books better than the show, too.

TG said...

I started reading the books after watching the TV series, too. I think the Eric and Sookie relationship is done much better in the books - the TV show has been all about Sookie/Bill so far (although I think this may change in the current season).

I'm torn on whether I prefer the books or the TV show. On the one hand, I really like characters like Jason, Lafayette, Terry and Jessica in True Blood, who either have smaller parts in the books or aren't in them at all, but then the books give you a better insight into Sookie and there aren't too many stories to keep track of.

BLHmistress said...

I know same here, I was like aww Lafayette is gone(in the books) So that part of me I was glad for the show. I can't wait to see what direction they take season 4.

Unknown said...

Awesome review! I LOVE this series, and even though it has gotten a bit complacent for me... its such a great series!

Love the characters and stories!

BLHmistress said...

I am up to book 5 I think I am liking Charlie now but hold my judgement to the end LOL.

She writes such terrific characters doesn't she? You can connect with them so well.

OH and right now Alcide I am a bit ticked off with in this book but that might change too at the end.

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