Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Please Give A Warm Welcome to Linda, BLH's newest reviewer

Hi everyone! I’m Linda, the newest addition Book Lover's Hideaway.

Proud to be a blind-without-her-glasses book nerd with a serious chocolate addition. Currently trying to find herself in this crazy world. Certified Mind Ninja and Queen of the Procrastinators.

I belong to the places I’ve grown up and family traditions. I represent los libros in Spanish and the Libras of October. Books have also gained a very important spot on my life list.

I’ve grown up loving books. That came pretty naturally. My school library became the most sacred place, where I could step out of reality and into whole other world. You couldn’t find me without a much-loved book in hand. Now I'm currently obsessing over my kindle (when my friends aren't dragging me off to their latest adventure)!

I'm so excited to start reviewing here and I hope to make a lot more book-addicted friends!

Thanks Linda! Stay tuned for her reviews in the upcoming weeks....


miki said...

Welcome, be happy here

all the best

Anonymous said...

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Linda: Book Ninja said...

@miki Thank you!

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