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Guest Post and Giveaway with Diane Thorne, Demons in Erotic Romance

Please give a warm welcome to Diane Thorne, Author of Demons in Disguise. 

 Demons in erotic romance

 Upon initial thinking, the two wouldn't seem like a good combination. Typically, demons are evil. They inflict pain and suffering. They are selfish and don't care about people. Only their needs matter.

Well, the last line is true and it works well in erotic romance. My demons are not evil, and neither is my version of Hell. Yes, there is non-stop labor and one becomes a slave to demons, but there's not fire and pain like you'd imagine. This is erotic romance, so my demons are playful and naughty. Yes, they have a job to do, such as collect innocents to bring to Hell so businesses can survive. But they enjoy their jobs, and they especially enjoy sex. Make a deal with one of my playful demons and you'll be in for big ride.

Dominick and Anthony are two sex hungry demons you will meet in Demons in Disguise. Heather is a typical office worker who lusts for two coworkers. Tempted by her friend, she says she'd sell her soul to be with the two men. Those sweet words are music to Anthony's ears. He grabs Dom and teleports to claim Heather before another demon can. Later, disguised as the two coworkers, Anthony and Dom show up at Heather's home and fulfill her every fantasy. (Now see, you can have demons in erotic romance.) When she later learns she had sex with the demons instead of her two coworkers, she's distraught and feels humiliated. But since this is romance, there is a somewhat happy ending. Not a HEA, but HFN. That's good enough, right?

To find out more about my wicked demons, check out Demons in Disguise.

Release Date: November 2012 
Publisher: Siren Publishing 
Length: 33,467 words 
ePub pages: 117 
Formats: pdf, epub, mobi 
Price: $4.99 
Heat Level: Sextreme 
Genres: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal 


Heather is attracted to her two coworkers, Chris and Nick. Their toned bodies, charm, and flirtations deepen her desire for them. Overwhelmed with lust, she jokingly states she’d sell her soul to be with them. When they ask her out on a date, she wonders if they have more than a friendly interest in her.

Anthony and Dominick are two sex-hungry demons who enjoy bringing innocents to Hell. They particularly love to collect and play with women. They respond to Heather's call, and disguised as her two coworkers, they fulfill her wildest fantasies.

Chris and Nick admit they want to explore a relationship with her. Heather considers it until they deny having sex with her the night before. Anthony and Dom show up later and reveal the truth. In a strange turn of events, she will have to decide if she wants an eternity filled with playful sex in Hell, or a chance with two men who care for her.


Anthony had heard the call first. He and Dom had been drinking at The Morning After bar in Hell when Heather had said those sweet words every demon loves to hear. He slammed his glass on the counter, grabbed Dom, and teleported both of them to Heather’s desk. They stood behind her, invisible to all, watching and listening to her talk to her friend and the two men she wanted to take to her bed. Other demons had popped in, but as soon as they saw Dom and Anthony, they vanished. With the decreased amount of new demons arriving, word had to be spreading that Anthony had claimed this innocent.

“This is an easy one. She just wants sex with two men,” Dominick said.

 “Can you fucking believe it? She gave up her soul for a ménage a trois. What is it with women today?”

“Perhaps the better question is what’s wrong with the men?”

Anthony chuckled at his longtime friend. “True. The men are nothing like us. They don’t tie their women up, spank them, play with their pussies, or fuck them in every position possible. They don’t make them scream.”

“Because they’re not real men. From what I’ve seen, men today hump their women once and then fall asleep. I’m not surprised we’re getting such easy jobs. These females are horny as the devil himself.”

“It’s sad, Dom. Such beautiful women are missing out.”

“It is. But just think, we can give women what they want and then bring them to Hell where they’ll have to serve us. More workers. More slaves. More freebies. It’s a win-win situation.” A grin spread across Anthony’s face at the thought of so many women in Hell. Yes, they would greatly perk up the place. For the last couple of years, the atmosphere down south had been dull. Few humans had sold their souls, which forced many establishments to shut down or reduce operating hours. Over the centuries, it was common to go through a dry spell for a while. Then business would pick up. In the last few months, the tide had shifted some and more souls populated Hell. Soon, businesses could flourish.

“How close are you to retirement?” Dom asked.

Anthony shook his head, and his sandy-blond strands fell forward over his shoulders. “I don’t know. I don’t track my points.”

Each soul delivered meant a demon earned points, which counted toward retirement. Anthony cared little about the point system. And unlike Dom, he lacked motivation to be a slave driver. Sure, Anthony took pride in his job and delivered plenty of souls to Hell. But he simply wanted to enjoy women—taste them, bite them, fuck them senseless, and hear them scream. If he had a flaw, it was his craving for women. Sometimes he’d pass on jobs if a man had called. And if a freebie occupied Anthony’s time during an innocent’s call, he had no problem waiting for the next one. And there would be another at some point. Until then, he’d enjoy his time with the female beauties in his grasp.

“You planning to work forever?” Dom asked.

“If it means more women to fuck in the flesh, hell yes. Freebies are nice, but there’s nothing like fresh, living pussy.”

Dom slapped his hand on Anthony’s back. “You’re a fine man and demon. Your cock always seems to find the best women. I’m glad you’re my friend.”

“It’s a dirty job which I’m proud to do for eternity.”

“I’m sure you are.” Dom chuckled. “Have you considered how to consummate the deal?”

“Yes, I’ve already devised a plan.” Anthony stiffened. “I will need your help. Let’s have a few drinks and discuss it. I’m confident word has spread one of us has claimed this innocent.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Anthony placed his hand on Dom’s shoulder. Together, they teleported to Damnation Alley in Hell. Demons chatting and laughing walked along the street. Music from one of the clubs attracted a line of demons and damned souls. Another mass crowded in front of the theatre where Little Nicky, The Serpent and the Rainbow, and several hard-core porno movies were playing.

“I’m glad to see they changed the movie selections,” Anthony said as they went around the waiting crowd.

“I ran into Alicia not too long ago, and she wanted to see a comedy. It appears she got her wish.”

“I don’t mind the X-rated movies, personally. They never bore me.”

Anthony slowed as they passed a new sex-toy shop. The clear glass door showed sexy clothes hanging from walls and toys on rack displays. Young men and women with packaged items in their hands waited to check out.

The Italian quickened his pace to catch up with Dom. “I’m glad to see we have new businesses.”

“Better days are coming, without any doubt.”

 Author Biography: 

Diane is a lifetime lover of the paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy. Her mind constantly wanders into other worlds full of dark and mysterious creatures. Vampires, werewolves, demons, and other supernatural creatures are her friends. A few bite, others tempt, and some are hot as hell. Reader beware: She is not responsible for any titillation, increased temperatures, hormonal stirrings, or unusual bite marks. Besides writing, Diane enjoys sunny days, strong coffee in the morning, traveling, shopping with her daughter, laughter, and red wine. She dislikes taxes, slow drivers, cold weather, and cranky people.

Where to find Diane Thorne: 

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Anne said...

Sine I like bad boys, I have to say yes to liking demons. Perhaps Eidolon in Larissa Ione's series is my favorite.

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Yes, I like demons; I think of one right now. Any bad ass is good for me.
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I love Al in the Hollow's series by Kim Harrison
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Unknown said...

To tell you the truth, this will be my first "demon" read. It sounds so frackin' good that I'm sure after reading Demons in Disguise I'll have a name for fave demon ;)

Unknown said...

Yes,I love Al from Kim Harrison's Hollow books.


books4me said...

My favorite demons are the hot, sexy ones:)

Becky said...

Yes, I like demons, but I can't think of just one that I like more than others.

erin said...

Congrats to Diane on her new release! This sounds awesome :) I also like demons and I really can't think of any one but Al from Kim Harrison's series.

Mary Preston said...

I do like Demons, but I don't know that I have an absolute favorite.

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