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Review Laird Of Darkness by Nicole North

Format: Kindle Edition
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Publisher: Carina Press (March 21, 2011)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Language: English
Source-Net Galley

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Amazon Summary :

Half-Fae Laird Duncan MacDougall is cursed. His nights are haunted by Otherworld creatures sent to kill him. The only way to stop them is to possess the magic bow currently in the hands of his enemy half brother, Kinnon MacClaren. In desperation, Duncan plans to take MacClaren's bride-to-be hostage and exchange her for the bow.
Lady Alana Forbes has never met her intended, but she hopes he is handsome—and a good lover, for Alana is no innocent virgin. On her way to Castle Claren, Alana and her escorts are intercepted, and she is kidnapped by a man with extraordinary abilities—and every attribute she longs for in a mate.

Duncan didn't expect the woman he thought of as a mere pawn to be so beautiful, and so arousing. Alana is drawn to him as well—but Duncan still needs the bow, and Alana is betrothed to another. How far will Alana go to save the life of the man she's come to love?

This short steamy novella, is enough to send you running to the nearest cold shower to cool off. Where to begin, I loved Duncan , the bad boy hot highlander , who kidnaps the unsuspecting bride to be of his half brothers hoping to trade him for what he desires most, the bow. and ends up falling at first in lust then in love with Alana.

At first I wasn't sure about Alana, I don't know why. Maybe I just felt bad for the bad boy or was it her attitude I'm not so sure but that didn't last long thankfully and I grew to like her as the novella progressed and hoped she wouldn't decide to be with whom she was supposed to marry.

The only thing I wish it could be longer because I really reading about Duncan and Alana. Would I recommend this yes, if you love hot highlanders like I do, with hot steamy mindblowing action then this one is for you.

This is an Erotica so warning, it is very graphic.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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