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Halloween Spooktacular Character Interview and Giveaway with Kale of Cat O Nine Tails


Patty: Hello everyone! Today I’m talking to our hero’s devishly handsome brother, Kale Walsh.

Kale: Ah, the morning sun is shining a bit brighter now that I’m in the company of such a lovely
creature as yourself *kissing the inside of Patty’s wrist*

Patty: *giggle* Now Kale, behave yourself, I’m a married woman.

Kale: Mmm, married women are my favorite.

Patty: I was going to ask you if you are as much of a rake as everyone says you are, but I think
you’ve pretty much answered that.

Kale: I haven’t had any complaints thus far.

Patty: Oh I’m sure I could find a husband or two that might dispute that.

Kale: Pfft, they don’t count.

Patty: Okay, seriously, do you think you could ever settle down with just one woman?

Kale: *laughing* She would have to be one hell of a woman, but one can never say never, can

Patty: So, Orrin left the ship to track down Aeron on the island you came across. Being his first in command, how did it feel to be left to run the Iona in his absence?

Kale: It felt oddly natural.

Patty: Oddly natural?

Kale: Yes; it wasn’t something I was expecting nor something I’d wanted, to be perfectly honest.Orrin has always been the eldest so responsibility was expected of him and I was quite happy with that for it let me do as I please. However, there is a sense of pride and honor that I felt running the ship was quite unexpected in the fact that it seemed so natural to me.

Patty: Interesting, it almost seems like it was something that was meant to be.

Kale: Indeed.

Patty: Well, that’s all we have time for; Kale, thank you so much for taking a moment to chat
with me.

Kale: Oh, the pleasure was all mine, perhaps next time the pleasure can be all yours *eyebrow

Patty: Behave! *girlie giggle*

Thanks to Kale and Patty for stopping by for a visit, personally Kale can stay if he wants :)

Omnific's first Historic Romance

Starting at: $4.99


Patricia Leever
Format: Paperback or eBook
ISBN: 978-1-936305-86-5
Pages: 200

When pirate hunter Orrin and his brother Kale are hired by Queen Winifred to hunt down Aeron and her band of miscreants, Orrin never dreamed he'd fall in love with the beautiful she-pirate nor the kind, accepting people of her island hideaway. As Orrin learns of Aeron's jaded past with the Queen, he allies himself with the pirate captain and her crew. Joining forces on the high seas to bring Winifred's evil reign to an end, Aeron and Orrin soon discover that the strongest weapon in their combined arsenal is the love they have for each other.

About The Author:

Patricia Leever is a wife, stay-at-home mom of four and owner of one dog and and one really old cat cat. On the average school day she runs about town like a lunatic picking up and dropping off kids and trying to find a moment of quiet to write down a word or two.

She's a sci-fi geek that loves to dress up like a zombie and participate in the local zombie march down Main St. and laugh as much as possible; laughter frees the mind and heals the soul.

Live. Breathe. Write

Now on to the giveaway, Thanks to Patricia , she is generously offering an ebook and swag set (complete set of trading cards and book mark) to one winner. All you have to do is comment and leave your email addy.Giveaway ends Oct 31st


miki said...

pirate that's great ^^ , great interview too
Are your book existing in print version too ( or would be?)

thanks for the giveaway


Unknown said...

What a beautiful cover!! (and I love the playful author pic :)

baychriz at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Sounds very intriguing and I can imagine its a riot reading about Kale :)

Na said...

I like the storyline a lot! I don't think I've read a story with a pirate hunter.


Patricia said...

Thank you so much for hosting us Donna, I had a blast!

@Miki, yes, the book is in print also, via Omnifc Publishing's website and Amazon!

@Chrizette, thank you very much :)

@Heatherc8, Kale is quite the handful, but what a handful he is ;)

@Na, thank you for stopping by love, good luck on the giveaway!

<3 Patty

Vivien said...

I definitely love the cover. Sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon :)

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Rachel said...

When I think pirates I think sexy Johnny Depp ;P

Beverly said...

I love that some books now have trading cards - I think it's great! Thanks for hosting.

Amy said...

Wow, nine tails? That must be some crazy cat lol! Kale sounds like such a charming womanizer.


Texas Book Lover said...

Oohhh Kale is NICE!!! Sorry first thing that popped into my head!

mmafsmith at gmail dot com

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