Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kelly's Review: THE FIRE INSIDE


By Raymond Rose

Book 1 in the Sidekicks Series

Published by: Create Space

First Printing: February 22, 2011

ISBN-10: 1460933834

ISBN-13: 978-1460933831


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Concept: “Jack’s life isn’t the most exciting but it’s a life. One that he’s created over the past ten years to suit him. That is, until Bruce, Jack’s best friend comes to town. Bruce, a Federal Agent, is on an uber-secret mission to save the city. Instead, he’s murdered. Suddenly, Jack has no choice but to become what he was before: a crime-fighter. Ten years ago, Jack and Bruce were Teen Protectors, costumed crime-fighters under the tutelage of their mentors, The Protectors. One night, a horrible battle erupted between superheroes and villains that left half of the city ruined and thousands dead. The government banned all superpowers and Jack, presumed dead, remained that way. However, now, Bruce is dead and Jack sets out to solve his best friend’s murder. With the help of new allies (including a man who can turn invisible and a woman who can become pure information), villains old and new (including his ex-girlfriend) bent to stop him, Jack will walk a world he left – a world more complicated and dangerous than he ever knew – and find some answers.

Review: Okay, suddenly, the sci-fi genre is following me. This book is a sci-fi one but when I read the concept blurb, I have to tell you that I was intrigued. It sounded really good. Even something that was meant for a movie or tv script. So even though this size of this book was somewhat daunting, I picked it up as fast as I could to get into this review. At first, I was a little ticked off that I had to die my hair brunette so I got rid of the blonde so I could gain some artificial intelligence. I needed it. There were lots of flashback scenes and flash forwads and sideways and I had questions that weren’t being answered and to be honest, I was tempted to put it down and move on to the next book. But I really hate doing that. I stuck with it and before I knew it, I was sucked in and found myself cheering for various characters and turning pages and yep, I even brought the book with me when I went out so I could snatch precious moments to read.

The characters in this book have a comic book swag, you know, superheroes and super bad guy sort of thing. All that backward and forward stuff turned out to be important to the story and all those questions were answered in an ending that was sublime. And you know what? It really could be a movie or television show! I was right!

So here I am having read two sci-fi books back to back and I’m strongly recommending both of them. I’m afraid, very afraid!

What I liked: One of the characters, Karen, who was dealing with issues of being a newly made widow, was probably the best written character. Well, maybe not the best written, but I definitely felt her and related to her and found myself really enjoying her. The author did a great job with her.

What I disliked: It took a little long to get to the point. It all came together, and I understand it, but the author almost lost me.

My rating: 4 feathers

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