Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kelly's Topic Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! It seems like I haven't chatted with you all in a long time! Donna's been busy with all these tours and contests and everything. :) But here I am today with a Topic Thursday on the Thursday before a holiday weekend (thus the reason that the funny image up there is replacing the usual Topic Thursday exciting one). So first, let me say Happy Easter and/or Good Passover to all of you out there. If you are not of the religious persuasion, then Happy Weekend! :)

So now, for our topic. I have noticed that there is one common trait that I enjoy in my books whether they be romance, fiction, true story, sci fi or horror and that's the display of some sort of humor. I believe (and have even experienced) that at the worst times in our lives, humor can play a part as well as the best times of our life. It makes characters more likeable in my opinion. I just find that I really need it to make a book good for me.

Do you have a common "something" that you need in a book??? Tell me about it.

Enjoy folks! I'll see you all next week!

Kelly for Book Lover's Hideaway


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