Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kelly's Topic Thursday

Ahhhh, Topic Thursday. This invites me to be able to blabber on and on about something that *I* want to talk about and nobody an do anything about it. :) To bad for you guys. So, here I go! In the words of the immortal Betty Davis, "fasten your belts, this is going to be a bumpy ride."

As I look out my window, I have almost perfect 78 degree weather. Bright blue sky with maybe a fluff of a cloud going by. There is a gentle breeze blowing. I know this because I can hear the gentle ringings of my wind chimes. I can hear my wind chimes because I have my house open. I can literally hear birdies twirpping (I didn't say "tweeting") outside and I see my geraniums blooming on my patio. It's spring outside boys and girls and it's getting ready to burst through that all winter stuff. We've already had our time change and spring has already sprung on the calendar. It's a time of growth and nature's beauty. I could sit outside ANYWHERE and enjoy life on days like today. My favorite thing to do is to take a book out onto my patio and sit back in my chair and read. Critters buzz by me, but I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. I listen to mother nature making all sorts of noise but it never interferes with what I'm reading.

Then again, when it's cold and windy and stormy outside, I could curl up by a fire with a cup of tea and a snuggly blanket all day long and read, read, read. I look forward to it. When it's summer out, and it's hotter than blazes, something about sitting inside with an air conditioner, a glass of iced sweet tea and a great book on a lazy afternoon really hits me too. And fall? When it gets cooler in the evenings and you bake something marvelous smelling and while it's baking, you sneak a book into your kitchen to read while you bake.

So my question to you is, does weather and seasons affect you and your reading at all? Do you find yourself reading more during various seasons??? I think I read less during summer months. I tend to do more things that take me away from my comfort zones. But yes, the weather really does affect me.

How about you hmmmm???

I'm turning things back over to Donna for a while. I will see you soon. I will be attending an "Iris Festival" this weekend. I've been before and it was fun. I'll see if I can come back with some entertaining photos or something like that to share. Have a great weekend!

Kelly for Book Lover's Hideaway


Angel said...

I don't think the season affect my reading at, it's more my mood. Sometimes I have no interest in anything but books and others I just can't concentrate enough to really digest a good read. It all depends on what's going on in my life. I do find that when I'm depressed, I read more. I think thats because it takes me away to another place where the drama isn't focused on me and lets me view things as an outsider. It helps me think about things going on with me with a clearer head. I hope that makes sense!

BLHmistress said...

I honestly get more reading done in the summer believe it or not , thats when my son goes to either visit his grandparents or this year he will be visiting his dad so it will be quieter in the house :)

Lover Of Romance said...

I can read anywhere anytime, but I think I love reading in the Fall or Springtime, its perfect weather, with cool breezes and sunshine, and the wonderful scents in the air. I do agree that summer is the least favorite season to read in.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I don't think that the weather or the seasons affect my reading habits at all. If I have a great book that I just cant get enough of...I can read it anytime and anywhere. Summer is a great time for other activities, so I can understand that it could be a slower season to read in, but I still get it in (as well as writing. Also when my kids are outside or away (they are still young), I take advantage of that time with a good book...or sleep. LOL!!

Jackie said...

Nice weather like we have been having for the past month cuts into my reading time as have outdoor projects that take me away from my books... However once true Texas summer hits the heat and humidity will force me back inside full time and with the AC and my comfy recliner at my disposal my reading will pick up again... My mood also happens to determine if I am reading or not, if sad or not feeling well my books win out over chores every time!

BLHmistress said...

I forgot to say I am a mood reader too, read more when I am upset or depressed helps me not think about whats going on in my life at the time.

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