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BLB Bling Blitz Day Character Interview with Emory Althorpe from Swept Away by Marsha Canham

Please give a warm welcome to Marsha and Emory Althorpe, from her book Swept Away, mind you can I say Emory is very swoon worthy.

Posey O'Connell: Your story begins in England, on a lonely stretch of beach along the coast.

Althorpe: Indeed, although I have no knowledge of how I came to be there.

Posey O'Connell: No knowledge? Can you explain?

Althorpe (shifting uncomfortably on his seat): One moment I was in France, the next I
was lying face down in the sand, half drowned, beaten, with a lump on my head the size
of a gull egg. I had no memory of how I came to be there, or who tortured me, or why I
have been accused of treason against the Crown.

Posey O'Connell: (shocked): Gracious. Are you saying you have amnesia?

Althorpe: The doctor has assured me it is temporary, and I do have painful flashes,
glimpses of disjointed things that may or may not have happened. But in the meantime,
English soldiers are hunting for me and there is a French assassin following close on my
heels to finish the job he started.

Posey O'Connell:: I gather, then, you were not found by the authorities when you were washed

Althorpe: No. Luckily I was discovered by an angel. Or at least I thought she was an
angel, although the first time Annaleah’s aunt whacked me on the shin with her cane, I
suspected I was not in heaven.

Posey O'Connell: The aunt sounds rather unsympathetic to your plight.

Althorpe: Apparently she knows me well from my misspent youth. She also does not
believe I could be a traitor, or that I could possibly have engineered Napoleon’s escape
from Elba.

Posey O'Connell:: A serious charge, Sir. How do you propose to clear your name?

Althorpe: I intend to leave shortly for London. (He cocks his head as he hears the clatter
of mounted soldiers approaching.) I shall have to find a way to break into the Admiralty
offices and find some answers.

Posey O'Connell: Will you go alone?

Althorpe (standing, sending back a sly grin as he strides for the door) Not at all. My
reluctant angel will be accompanying me.

Posey O'Connell:: Surely she does not plan on doing this voluntarily? Surely you do not plan
on kidnapping her? Or exposing her to an assassin? Or to charges of aiding and abetting a

Editors note:The rest of the interviewers questions went unanswered, despite her
chasing after the handsome rogue, pencil in hand. Emory Althorpe was gone, Swept
Away into the mystery and intrigue that awaits him in the glittering ballrooms and
crowded backstreets of Regency London.

Amazon summary:
Set in Regency England, a dangerous time of spies, treachery, and intrigue. A stranger has washed up on shore, half dead, with no memory of who he is or why he has been accused of treason. His only hope of avoiding death is a shadowy memory hovering just beyond his grasp...and the beautiful Annaleah who becomes his willing captive in order to find the key to his past and unlock their destinies.

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Thank you so much for featuring Swept Away in your blog. Love the design of your pages as well *s*

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Marsha's Highland series was one of my favorite reads and I look forward to reading Swept Away.

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Thank you Marsha for stopping by :) I really enjoyed the interview with Emory.

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I absolutely love this author and her books, and the cover is so delicious!!!

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