Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kelly: Waiting on Wednesday #13


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking The Spine That spotlights upcoming releases we are eagerly anticipating.

You want to know what I'm waiting for? I'm waiting for you to join our Good Read's page. Have you yet? If not, you should. Click here and join the fun. We have a re-read challenge of the Dark Hunters, Black Dagger Brotherhood and The Hunger Games Trilogy. What other reason do you need to join?

Several months ago, on accident, I picked up this book at the bookstore called "Accidentally Demonic" by Dakoka Cassidy (you can read about it here). It's was a cross between Anita Blake/Sookie Stackhouse/ Demonica stuff. It was funny with a mystery and paranormal all combined. I loved it. The Demonic book was the 4th in the Series and since that time, I've vowed that I will read the entire series because I really enjoyed it. In fact, it got me branching out to read some of these other funny paranormal romance books such as the Real Vampires series.

March is a huge month for new books and the fifth book in the Accidental series, Accidentally Catty" will be released on the 3rd (WOW, that's TOMORROW!) and I'm hoping its as good a read as the 4th book was. This could be my reminder too to buy The Accidental Werewolf, Accidentally Dead and the Accidental Human. Then my Dakota Cassidy collection (at least for THAT series) would be complete.

From Amazon: "Katie Woods never thought she'd be forty-one, divorced, and thrust back into the dating world. To start fresh, Katie uproots her veterinary practice to upstate New York-not exactly the hottest dating scene on the planet. But when an unconscious cougar appears at her clinic, Katie's newly single life gets a much needed jolt of the supernatural kind.

After Katie examines the cougar and leaves him caged overnight, she's shocked to find a big strapping specimen of young, hot man in its place. And when the scratch she got during the exam results in some unnatural side effects, Katie has more to deal with then her animal attraction to a much younger guy-she has to figure how to stop herself from becoming a cougar of the four-legged variety."

By the way, I forgot to mention to all our loyal readers, in an effort to bring you fresh viewpoints and different books, Donna and I are going to be sharing our blog posting duties. This week, I'll take Mon thru Wed, Donna will take Thurs. thru Sat. and then our book reviews will be posted on Sundays. The following week, we'll trade. That way, you all get the best of both of us. Aren't you excited??? :) So this will be my last post to you all until I post my review of The Red Garden on Sunday. Until then, I hope you have a nice rest of your week. I now turn you all over to Donna.

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DJL said...

I absolutely loved The Accidental Werewolf by Dakota Cassidy. It was such a cute story! I'd read about Accidentally Dead and The Accidental Human, but for some reason they didn't draw my attention like the first book. Still, I might give them a go in the future. This fourth book looks intriguing, too, so happy reading once it comes out!


Pixie said...

I have not heard of this series before -sounds intriguing.

Kristin said...

Love Dakota Cassidy! Great pick!

Kristin @ My Bookish Ways

Jess (Gone with the Words) said...

This sounds really interesting!! I'm going to add it to my TBR list! :)

Here's what I'm Waiting on Wednesday!!

Jess @ Gone with the Words

Anonymous said...

I have not seen this series before, but it looks very interesting, nice pick :)

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