Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hello again loyal blog readers! Donna is now off for a few days. She's got Bon Jovi to pay homage to, so here I am doing the next few days of blog posts. She's been busy though hasn't she? Look at that Kindle give-a-way thing. Wow. I have a few reviews that I'll be posting on Sunday. I've been fortunate enough to have the sort of week that has allowed me to read. How about you???

Today is Thursday and that means that today's meme is Topic Thursday. I always have something to blab about. No shortage of topics that erupt from my er, fingers. :) Here we go.

I have a pet peeve. Well, it's not so much a pet cuz pets are cute and cuddly usually right? But it's definitely a peeve. When I buy books that I love, that I want to keep on my shelf, when they are in a series, I want them all to be the same printed format so that they look all purdy.

For instance, my Sookie Stackhouse books. I have them all. In HARDBACK with the original covers. Not the movie covers, but the original LOVELY cover art that I really love. The problem? The first few books are printed in a smaller format that the later books which are larger, more normal size hardback size. So now my collection looks a little off kilter. I hate that. Yeah, I could try and replace the books, but then I'd have to repurchase them. As a consumer, I don't think I should have to do that. And to be honest, in this instance, I don't even think that the first books are available in that particular size in hardbound.

I have all of Karen Marie Moning's Fever books in paperback. The very last book was released in HARDBOUND. The new paperback not available until August I believe. So I have to wait to complete my collection of paperbacks. I can buy a hardcover edition of the first books if I want to pay an average price of $180.00. Um, I want them, but not that bad.

If I had my choice, I wish all books would be released FIRST in paperback. Not the mass market paperback size, but the other larger size. I love that size. It's easy to read. Then if I want to purchase the hardbound when it would be released a few months later, I could and wouldn't feel so invested in the book. Don't get me started on the e-reader thing. SOME books are great for my e-reader, but some books, I just HAVE to have the printed copy.

So my topic has turned into a rant of sorts. My question to you is, does this bother you too? Do I have a touch of OCD about this? What reading format do you prefer?


BLHmistress said...

LOL I agree you should see mine its terrible I got half hardback and half paperback and its driving me nuts but I can't go replacing all of them because that would be too much money.

OH did you see the pretty banner/badge I made for our Topic Thursday hope you don't mind I added it to you post.

Kelly said...

Thanks Donna! Would I mind such a thing? Nevah!!!! :)

Unknown said...

The Mad Scientist most certainly agrees. It is sort of frustrating when you have a series started in one format and then you have to wait forever for the next book to come out in that format to complete it. It is worse then cold tea!

I would love to have it all equal and beautiful for my personal library but I know they do this all of the time for more $$$. Instead of getting in a fussy fit which is not so delightful I bypass all of this unwanted mess. I just buy alot of my books second hand and most series are all mixed up because I don't have the time to search out all of the proper book sizes and get mad when they don't even have them in all the books. I do have tinkering that needs to be done.

Thanks for the happy vibes my way... *Hugs*

Mad Scientist

*Melissa* said...

lol that's a pet peeves of mine as well! i like to have my full series in the same format but i know it becomes difficult when they first come out they come in hardback. i like paperback better because it's so much easier to read. But it drived me cucckoo bananas when they are not the same height!

awesome post!

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