Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Howdy, Greetings and Helloooo!

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, ((okay that sounds famously familiar doesn't it, but I digress)) In the galaxy we call the internet I had the fortune to run into a lady that has, over the last few years, turned into a far away yet dearly beloved sister. Most of you know her as Donna, the lovely admin of this Review blog.

Late one stormy night, when it wasn't even storming she mentioned she was knee deep in books to read, and reviews to write. My eye's widened, my heart started pumping and I salivated upon my keys, (Messy business that, I don't suggest it ever.)

I let her know I'd like to help, she lead me through the maze (and painted the ever dizzy me a neon orange line to the right spot)) And here I am, a lover of the written word, ready to read... to give kudos where warrented, moral support when needed, and total honesty. :-) Meet ya on the front page!

**And as Donna thwaps me from across the miles to remind me.... Hi there, my name is Tre.. I'll answer to about anything, but thats bound to get my attention fastest. :)


Jackie said...

Howdy right back from Texas Tre and welcome, lots of books to read so guess we can look forward to something from you review wise shortly!

DJL said...

Hello, Tre, it's nice to meet you and glad that Donna's able to get some help! :) It's a double boon since she gets help and you get books!

Thomas Amo said...

Hi Tre! Awesome to meet you! Donna is pretty awesome so that would make you awesome as well! Wow I used the word Awesome 3 times 4 now..Ok I should stop!

So glad you're here!
Cheers Tom

Tre said...

But awesome is just a good word.. I kinda like feeling awesome... because reading is.......... ((wait for it......) awesome!!

Hehe now you aren't the only one using alot of awesome.. Am reading you now Thomas.. and one preview of a review ((before i finish reading and start typing)) Woahhhhhh!

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