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Kelly's Review: IN OTHER WORLDS


By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Published by: The Berkley Publishing Group / a Division of Penguin Group Inc. / 375 Hudson Street / New York, NY 10014

First Printing: July 2010

ISBN: 978-0-425-23320-7

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"Fire and Ice

By running from her past, Livia meets her future: Adron, an ex-assassin brutally scarred by a mission gone wrong. And only Livia has the courage to heal his emotional scars and change both o their lives forever.

Knightly Dreams

Betrayed by her boyfriend, Taryn no longer believes in being swept away – until an unlikely hero literally steps out of her paperback novel and into her heart. Is her mind playing beautiful tricks? Or has fantasy become reality?


Only one man can decipher the symbolism of Channon’s legendary Dragon Tapestry: Sebastian, a battle-scarred shape-shifting dragon trapped between two worlds. And Channon has no choice but to follow him into a realm of magic, danger, and adventure."


This book is divided into three short stories. One of them, Fire and Ice, is a story in The League books (is actually listed as 3.5 in the series order) and is about a character, Adron, that we met in Born of Fire, but saw again in Born of Ice. So I guess that’s why the title is Born of Fire AND Ice. Clever. Clever. Anyway, this is a short story, but it is packed, and I mean packed full of the stuff that makes the League series what it is, just a fun, sexy, exciting read. Okay, there’s the usual SK tortured souls in here, but I’m just coming to cozy up to the idea that tortured is what makes SK work.

We meet Livia as she is searing out someone, anyone to have sex with. Yup. She is being married off by her evil father to some 80 year old man who wants a virgin. She figures once she loses that virginity, she’ll be save from being bound to the old fart. Enter Adron. Poor guy. Sitting at a bar, just having a drink and in saunters Livia who ends up in his lap first and his bed second and from there, they end up married! Watch out guys.

The story continues on as Livia learns about Adron and how he learns about her and how they grow together overcoming some serious adversities. Okay, I’m going to admit this here, but don’t tell anyone okay? I admit. I cried at the ending of this story. I really did. I don’t normally do that, but I did. So it’s THAT good of a story.

Knightly Dreams was one of SK’s very first stories that she has “fixed up” and it’s actually not bad. It’s kind of hokey, but I enjoyed it. We meet our heroine as she’s standing out in the rain due to her car breaking down because of something her mean ol’ ex boyfriend did. She goes into a mysterious book store while waiting for a tow truck. She goes home and crawls into bed and falls into dreamland. When she wakes up, poof, the man from her dreams is there and he is a Knight. The interaction between them is charming as you can imagine and throw in some hot sex scenes and a funny medevil knights dinner where our hero actually saves a crazed horse during the show and an evil girlfriend on the other side of the quarter who succeeds in getting her knight back, and you have a pretty good short story.

Dragonswan is considered to be the first Were Hunter story to print, a companion series to the Dark Hunter series. This is rather an interesting concept to me. Instead of a were wolf, or were panther or were ____________ (insert creature here), we get a were dragon. How about that? The story opens with Sebastian (the were dragon) who has come to earth to get a tapestry that holds some mysterious importance to him. In the meantime, he finds Channon and hops into bed with her and they end up mated which is a lifetime sort of deal. She travels back in time with him and their adventure continues. This is a fun story as well, although of the 3, it was my least favorite.

What I liked: For short stories, these three stories really kept me interested and all of them read like a novel. Nothing was cut out or missing, nothing skimped on. They were all very enjoyable reads.

What I disliked: I think I need to read something other than SK for my next few books. I’m getting rather tired of the tortured male roles that are in her books. However, I do think that’s ME and not anything bad about the books. In fact, I’m not even deducting a feather because of it.

My rating: 4 feathers


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