Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hello loyal reader!!! I'm back! We're giving Donna several days off now (finally) after she rocked the fairies around here. Although, she has some special (and really amazing) features coming up soon so you'll see her.

So today is Topic Thursday. I'm currently in the process of reorganizing our Goodreads group. If you haven't joined us yet on Goodreads, you really should. We have a great group of girls there that are VERY chatty. We have some truly belly laugh moments over there. ANYWAY, I digress. In reorganizing the group and talking about it with a few different people, it has been brought to my attention that I'm a very organized person. Maybe a touch OCD in the organization area. I HAVE been known to do some crazy organizational things in my past. When I was pregnant (many years ago) I alphabetized my CD collection. ::blinking:: I did. I might even be persuaded to do it again.

So my questions to you are these: How organized are you? Is it a good or a bad thing to be organized? What's the most crazy organizational thing you've ever done?

C'mon. I want to know if I'm in good company or not.

PS - I finally got my Nook Color!

Kelly for Book Lover's Hideaway


DJL said...

I guess it depends on what is being organized for me. :) My bookshelves are as neat and tidy as possible, though I do have some paperbacks lying on top of those already shelved as they would be in the store. Alphabetized, too, you understand. Closet needs an overhaul or really a "spring-cleaning" to get rid of what hasn't been worn in over a year. But I'd say I'm fairly organized all things considered. ;) Yay, for the Nook Color!

Jackie said...

Organizing for me is an ongoing work in progress, my books are alphabetized on the shelves and series grouped together... The rest of my house could use some serious de-cluttering and spring cleaning for sure, however I do know where everything is in my pantry and kitchen cabinets as they are organized and tidy so those particular things are all that matters in importance of use anyway!

Nook Color, good going and enjoy it Kelly!

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I'm organized. But I think that is a good thing. I have all my clothes organized by color, size and type in my closet. I spend tons of money buying things to organize EVERYTHING. I feel like it makes me feel better and it is efficient. I am busy. Organization makes my life easier.

Alexa said...

I am very organized and a touch OCD. All of my books, Cds, and movies are alphabetized. I think it is a good thing to be organized, I can find the stuff I'm looking for quickly and it is a good skill to have in life. I'd rather be organized and on time then a messy person who is always late.

Unknown said...

Totally OCD - TOTALLY. But I love it, and it's honestly the only way I stay sane. Craziest thing recently was getting ALL of my books onto Goodreads when I first signed up. In a weekend. Every. Single. Book. In. My. House. Took forever.

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