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Kelly's Review: THE CRIES OF VAMPIRA: The Horror of Gaad Grey

The Horror of Gaad Gray,
The Evil Alpha Werewolf – Volume I
By Sean H. Robertson
Published by: 313 Wood, LLC /
First Printing: 2010
ISBN-13: 9781-453808412
Concept: “My love for humanity inspired me to write this book about an imperfect fictional group of people (The Robertsons, Leaders of the Vampirians) who love everyone on earth, even those that are unlovely (the Grey Wolves). They love those that don’t understand them (the Humans), they even sacrifice their lives for the humans and for freedom from tyranny itself. I wrote this book to inspire the young and old that love conquers all divisions, all colors, all creeds, religions and most importantly all hate. This story is about how we are all beings on one planet, who must find a way to live in respect, kindness and tolerance of each other, no matter the sacrifices that we must make.”

This story opens with a history lesson and a rather horrific killing between a Vampire King, his brother Prince and a werewolf army. 17 years later, we find the deceased King’s family, his Queen and 3 children, two princesses and a prince, and one of the princess’s lovers preparing for one night of what turns out to be hell. The Vampirian people which include a bevy of humans, represent democracy and love and peace to all, are preparing for battle with the Grey Wolves led by Gaad Gray, and evil and ugly bad boy. One princess is a strong fighter, engaged to be married and loved by all, the other princess is younger, but not any less of a humanitarian and the brother, somewhat of a rake, living only for the wine and the women.
The chapters are set apart in time increments and we see how fast things can dissolve and dissolve they do when the middle princess deliberately puts herself in the hands of the werewolves. The oldest, strongest sister leaves the protection of her people to find her sister, fueled on by the murder of her fiancé by a mole in the castle. She ultimately finds her sister who has been beaten severely and is half dead by that time. She is forced to watch her sister be half eaten by the werewolves in a particularly gory scene and she herself is brutally raped.
Meanwhile, back at the castle, the Queen realizing the danger her people are in, forces the young Prince into the tunnels below the castle to escape the werewolves. His instructions are to live and to come back and continue the fight for love and freedoms for the Vampira people. Will he do it? What becomes of the strong princess now locked in the werewolf dungeons? What becomes of the Queen and the Vampira people under the rule of the evil Gaad Grey? There are many questions that the author sets us up to ask for future volumes in this story.

What I liked: I found the story to be interesting and for some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on, I was really pulled in to this world. While I thought the love scenes were a little canned, again for some reason, I enjoyed them and found myself wrapped up in this story. I recognize and admire the author’s charity (why? Does it come from a personal experience? Maybe the author should write about that? ) but I don’t really understand the connection between the charity and the story? The potential in this story is great and I would 
purchase Volume II with the hopes that my questions might be answered.

What I disliked: The story tended to read like a screenplay and there was absolutely no emotions attached to the characters. The dialogue was dry and forced. There were some story lines that needed refining (why are the werewolves so evil?) and personally speaking, I would like to see the “c” word removed from the story. There was really no call for it and while I may sound like a prude, I just didn’t like it in the story about love 
and peace. The use of it did not make the werewolves any more evil.

My rating: 2 stars.

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It would be hard to read emotionless characters, but I love the concept.

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