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Highland Destiny Character Interview and Giveaway

Paperback: 228 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (March 4, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 145652139X
ISBN-13: 978-1456521394

First I would like to thank Laura for stopping by as well as Connor and Mackenzie(who are still honeymooning- lucky girl). To read my review click HERE

I’m sitting in my office (which has more toys than office-y things in it) at the computer when I realize it’s about time to interview my characters. I’ve been worrying about what to ask and what to say for about a month now. I mean, I’ve been so involved with Liam and Marley that it’s been a while since I’ve talked to Connor and Mackenzie. They’re never far from my mind as they will always be my firsts, but I have been “inside” Liam’s head for quite a while lately, I felt a bit nervous at seeing Connor again.

Connor is laird, so he’s a bit more responsible, and well, broody than his brother Liam. Liam is such a fun, light-hearted kind of guy, always a quick smile and a wink for a lass. Connor, well he is much more intimidating. And I hate that he intimidates me, I mean, I created him, right?

To break out of my nerves, I ask Connor the naughtiest question first:

Laura: “Connor, so, everyone on twitter wants to know, what’ve you got under the kilt?”

Connor: “Och, lass,” *so that’s what it sounds like when a man purrs, I’m ready to swoon* “I canna tell you…”

Mackenzie interrupts with: “You tell those wenches he goes commando, and no, you can’t see.”
*I’m not sure if she’s actually mad at me for asking, or just possessive, so I press on*

Laura: “This one’s for Connor too, What did you think of your time in the 21st century?”

Connor: “It was wonderful as I spent it with Mackenzie.” (Connor lifts Mackenzie’s hand and presses his lips to her knuckles)

Laura: “You two are disgustingly cute.” *trying not to gag* “I didn’t write you two that cutesy.”

Mackenzie: “You think you wrote us, ha! You only gave us the bare bones of ourselves…we filled in the rest, and we’ll be as cutesy as we want.”

*does every author feel this way? I feel like my creations are real, and this particular pairing has gotten away from me*

Laura: “O-kay, well I guess I’ll ask you, Mackenzie, the same. What is it like in the 1790s?”

Mackenzie: “The obvious thing that I miss is indoor plumbing, isn’t that what everyone thinks? I do, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not all that bad taking baths. Especially not when I have someone to help me with all the hard to reach places…”

Laura: “I get the picture. Again with the cutesy.”

Mackenzie: “Hey we’re honeymooning, so give us a break!”
* I’ll give her that.*

Mackenzie continues: “But really what I miss is Jenna. She was my best friend. I miss our girl’s nights, our pity parties on nights we didn’t have dates, all of it. I don’t have any family left, and I really didn’t have a lot of friends, but Jenna was the best, the absolute best. I miss her.”

Her voice broke on the last word, and it makes me feel like a complete ass for not finding a way to write her best friend into her new life. But what can I do? Jenna’s destiny wasn’t with Mackenzie.

I think Connor picked up my thoughts because I got quite the glare from him. A shiver passed down my spine. I would not want to be on the wrong side of that man. I know how he thinks, and he’s thinking that if I can do something, anything, to take those tears out of his wife’s eyes, I’d best do it. I nod that I understand. He nods coolly back.

Mackenzie completely misses this exchange, but she jumps back in with:” I miss silly little things I never appreciated too. Things like the delay timer on my coffee pot, and lip gloss, tampons (yeah I went there) or the convenience of cell phones. But really I don’t miss the traffic, the drama…”

*did I really make her this chatty? I guess I did. It’s a good thing I don’t mind talking.*

Connor cuts her off to ask her: “Love, didna you want to ask her something?”

Mackenzie: “Oh! Yes, thank you mo ghraidh “

Laura: “You’ve learned Gaelic?” I’m thrilled! I couldn’t master that language, trust me, I tried

Mackenzie: “Oh just a few phrases here and there. It’s really tough. But I wanted to ask you, What’s the deal with Liam? Like is he getting his HEA anytime soon? I keep trying to set him up with some really great girls and he’s either really picky, or just a shameless flirt. He won’t give any of them a chance.”

Laura: “ Ahh, well, I think that’s his story to tell. “

Mackenzie: “Well, he won’t tell me anything.”

*she sounded so offended at that, I had to laugh. So I cut her a break*

Laura: Alright, I can’t tell you much, but he will meet his match, don’t you worry. I’d love to tell you more, but all I can say, is that he may have already met her.

Connor: “What do you mean he may have already met her?”

Laura: “Connor, you’ll have to ask him that one yourself, but I’m not sure you’ll like the answer you get.”

*the way his blue eyes darken, I’m wondering if I should have just kept my trap shut. Jeez, back to intimidating.

Mackenzie: “Connor stop that, you’re scaring the poor woman. “

* Mackenzie ignores my indignant, “He is not!” and stands up stretching. “Alright, come on, we’ve got to get going, as long as we’re in this century I’m buying jeans and some chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.”

I unthinkingly open my mouth again: “You’re not going to visit Jenna?”

*Her eyes fill with tears. Gah! I am such a jerk. I know the rules, and I said something anyway*

Mackenzie: “No, it’s not allowed. We can’t do anything, or say anything that could possibly change the way the timeline is supposed to play out.”

*I know this saddens her. Even chocolate isn’t a substitute for a best friend. It makes me wonder what I can do to fix this. Mackenzie is one of those people who is just so open you can’t help but love her, and judging by Connor’s murderous glare sent my way, he loves her very much and wants me to fix this.

As we say our goodbyes, I really think about what I can do to fix this. I mean, I’ve got the power in this world I created, right? I should be able to do something about that.

***Thank you to Donna for letting me take over her blog for the day. I'll be stopping by throughout the day to chat and talk with everyone, so if you have any questions for my characters, feel free to ask.


Laura has graciously offered a copy of Highland Destiny to one winner, All you have to do is tell us Who you is your favorite Highlander ? Also please leave an email so I can contact you.

The giveaway is running from June 13th to 20th, I will announce the winner on the 21st.


Eden Summers said...

Great interview. Can't wait for the next installment.

Unknown said...

I love the interaction in the interview with you, Connor and Mackenzie! This was a very entertaining interview. My interest in this book has been piqued.

BTW, love Connor's accent .

Unknown said...

*blush* Just read the give-away part. I don't have a favorite Highlander yet unless I can pick Barrons *grrr* from the Fever Series. He is one hot, courageous, steam-roll loving, alpha male. He makes Mac's adventures worth reading. He is the spiciness in that gourmet serving of stories.

Otherwise, I am Highlander deprived. I need to start enriching my reading experience with hot Highlander man candy.

Carol L. said...

I loved this interview. Gods, you're already writing about Liam which means I have to get Highland Destiny. Everyone has raved about Connor's book. And since I love and drool for Highlanders I can't wait to read his story so I'm ready for Liam.
I absolutely love all the Highlanders I read about, like Monica MaCarty's, Karen M. Moning's, Hannah Howell,Sue Ellen Welfonder's etc etc. But if I have to choose just one for now it'll be Jamie Fraser from Outlander.What a beautiful man inside and out.
Thanks Laura for sharing today and letting us in on your interview.Please enter me also.
Carol L

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Hey Laura! What a great interview! I've never thought of the tampon issue!

Highland Hussy said...

Thanks guys!!

It was a little glimpse into my head and I'm glad no one thinks I'm nuts for having voices in there! ;)

Laurie I think Barrons fits all categories. That man is sexy.

Carol You're definitely not the only Jamie fan-he gets mentioned anytime I hear a conversation about Highlanders. Good luck.

BLHmistress said...

I laughed out loud when you sent me this interview I just love these characters so much again can I say can't wait for Liam's book :)

I know I am a pest Laura :)

Highland Hussy said...

Meg, this just shows I think too much about those issues ;)

aww, Donna, you know I don't mind at all. I'm glad it made you sense of humor in real life is goofy and silly (since my kids are so little I have to be!) so it's nice when my characters hit the mark :D

BLHmistress said...

You nailed it seriously, that is a big plus for me is humor especially sarcasm . I don't go looking for it in my books I read but if its there thats a big plus for me and 9 times out of ten I will love the book.

Unknown said...

Omg, so I'm still laughing at the first question! LOL, I just wasn't expecting it! Laura, you know I love you! Fantastic interview with the guys, I loved it!

As for my fave highlander...this is no simple task. I can't choose! But I'll have to say Jennifer Ashley's Mac Mackenzie. That scene with the cream? Yeah, I'd like to know what is under that kilt!

Thanks for the giveaway!


Ren said...

I love this interview! I praise for the first naughty question Laura, LMAO!! And it's a shame I'm not read Highland Destiny yet *blush* I will definitely read this one :D

My favorite highlander, hmm, I'm just read a few books that featured highlander. So far my favorite is Angus MacKay, a vampire highlander from Kerrelyn Sparks's Love at Stake :)

Thanks for the giveaway too
sawamura_foxman AT yahoo DOT com

Highland Hussy said...

*blushing* aww thanks Donna

Annie: I think that Mac rocked the kilt, no one can NOT like Mac Mackenzie. and you will definitely love Lord Cameron

Ren: Hey chickie! glad you ladies love my naughty mind :) It's in the gutter more often than not. he he...You know I haven't read Kerrelyn Spark's but I do have one of her books. I'll have to move it up on my to-read pile

DebbieB said...

Loved the interivew. Really funny. My FAV highlander is Dageus from KMMoning. I Also found this Connor to be very interesting and plan to check him out. Of course, Barrons is my overall FAV everything. But I don't think he's a highlander. Haha but then who cares what he is. As long as he IS!

Unknown said...

Hayden from the Donna Grant Series

Great interview :-)

Highland Hussy said...

Hi DPBussie! I can't tell you how hot Daegus is...just yum...BUT I'm an Adam Black girl myself. All that Highland blacksmith fae prince thing he's got going on? just delicious.
I am certain Barrons has a Scottish accent-have you listened to the audiobooks? We can absolutely accept Barrons :)

Keisha: Thanks :) And Donna Grant definitely has some hunktastic Highlanders-the Dark Sword series right? nice choice

latishajean said...

I loved the interview so funny I love Connor I can't wait to read that book sounds so good! Thank you so much for sharing! If I have to pick one I will say Karen M Moning's but very hard to pick just one so many good ones. Thank you so much for the great giveaway :)

Bonnie Edwards said...

What a fun interview, you Highland Hussy! I enjoyed every bit of Highland Destiny and am really looking forward to more from you.

Off to tweet this interview!

Highland Hussy said...

Hi latishajean, thank you :) I do love KMM's Highlanders...rawr to Adam Black!

And yay! Bonnie Edwards popped by!
Thanks Bonnie :D

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