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Review Hidden by Blood by Laurie London

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Deep within the forests of the Pacific Northwest, two vampire coalitions battle for supremacy--Guardians who safeguard humanity and Darkbloods, rogues who will stop at nothing to satisfy their craving for the sweetest of human blood.

Now, former Army Ranger Finn McKentry finds himself imprisoned as a blood slave, forced to submit to an enemy more powerful than any he's encountered before. Only Brenna Stewart, the woman he'd loved and lost, can set him free--but the secret she harbors might lead them down the most dangerous path of all...

An ebook exclusive Sweetblood novella.

One thing about novella's I don't like is they are so short and the greedy person I am wants to know more about the characters than in just 50 or so pages. Like I said in my previous review of Laurie's debut book, Bonded by Blood I really enjoy her style of writing as well I hopelessly fell in love with the characters.

And Finn and Brenna was no exception though it was explained why they broke up wish we could have divulged more into their past. That being said Laurie did well in incorporating as much as she could in such short time. I only hope we can see more of these two in upcoming books.

The hot steamy scenes weren't disappointing and left me wanting more - see told you I was greedy. Overall this was a fast paced hot steamy read and if you are in need for a quick fix of some Sweetblood action before Embraced by Blood comes out June 21st(print and July 1st) this will tide you over until then.


Reading Order of Sweetblood series:
Sweetblood Series
Bonded By Blood
Hidden By Blood(novella)
Embraced by Blood (release date July 1st)
Enchanted by Blood(novella in anthology A Vampire For Christmas)
Tempted by Blood(tent date Feb 2012)


Highland Hussy said...

great review-totally agree that this one was too short :)

BLHmistress said...

It was I was like I wanna know more what happens next with Finn and Brenna. I hope we see them again in other books - it just feels like I connected with them and boom it was done. Either that or I just read too damned fast LOL.

Highland Hussy said...

LOL! I think that Laurie London said we'd see them again, so that's a huge plus! I liked Finn a lot. I loved how he stood up to Dom and how he was more alpha than some vamps. rawr!

BLHmistress said...

I just finished Embraced omg I didn't think they could get any better my review will be posted on the 19th now have to wait forever for the next one LOL

BLHmistress said...

oh yea I just loved how Alpha Finn was and my eyes popped out when he stood up to Dom I was like whoooooa LOL

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